How do I apply to Chinese Universities?

There are three basic steps in order to apply to Chinese Universities:

  1. Find the right program.
  2. Start your online Application
  3. Submit your Application (important!)

In order to make applying easy and convenient, we will go through each of these steps one by one. Please pay close attention to the last step!

1 – Find the right program

You can find all available programs on our database here. This is already a great tool to help you reach a decision. You can for example type in “master business” and then easily compare which universities:

  • Offer a Master’s program for business studies
  • Offer a spring and/or autumn intake
  • Have which application deadlines
  • Charge how much tuition fees

If you can’t find a program that is interesting to you, also check other alternatives. If you are for example interested to study business, you could also look for “accounting” or “finance”.

By clicking on the program’s name (not the university’s name), you can visit the program’s webpage. Here you can find all the relevant and general information about the program. It is also the webpage that you can use in order to start your online application, in case the program is interesting to you. On the top of the program’s webpage you can also find “accommodation”, here you can inform yourself about the prices of the student dorms.


With this you have all the relevant information at your disposal in order to make the right decision. You can find out what programs are available, how much tuition is charged

Useful links:

2 – Start your online application

As soon as you have found some programs that are interesting to you, open the program’s webpage. If you scroll down to the bottom of the program’s webpage, you will see a red “Apply Now” button.

By clicking the Apply Now button you will be directed to our online application system and the program will be added to your online application. The online application system should look like in the screenshot below. You can add more programs by typing the University name into the “Add Another Course” section and then selecting the program you are interested in. You can also simply click the Apply Now button of another program’s webpage that you want to apply for, the program will then also be added to your application.

If the online application system does not look like in the screenshot above, you can also visit our application system directly here. You can then add programs by typing in the university name and selecting the program that you are interested in.


Once all programs are selected click the  “CONTINUE TO CONTACT INFO” button on the lower right. You can then enter your personal details and upload your documents. Make sure to include all required documents to your online application (find out which documents are required here).


Please make sure to include all required documents, you can find out which documents are required for your application here.


Filling out the information very carefully and providing as much information as possible can help improve your chances of admissions. Especially explaining the educational background is important. Here you should add the durations of study in university and high school.

3 – Submit your application

Once you entered all details and uploaded all your documents, you can proceed to the “Confirmation” section of your online application. Here you can check your program selection again and see how much application fees are charged by the universities for the application. If you like to submit your application(s) you can proceed to the payment of the application fee. You can find the payment instructions here. Please upload a receipt of payment, once you have paid and click the “Submit Payment” button. We can only review your application if you submit it. If you want us to check anything before you make the payment please write an email to and let us know your application reference number.


Please note that the application fee is a fee charged by the universities in order to process your application and send your admission documents via express delivery. It is not a service fee charged by us, our application service is free of charge (find out more).

What happens afterwards?

As soon as you submitted your application, we will check if all documents are provided and if the application fee has been paid. If not we will let you know what is missing and guide you to the next steps. If everything is ready to send we will submit your application directly to the university. We have a good connection to the universities and frequently check up on your application to always keep you up to date about any changes. Once you get accepted we will provide you with any information necessary to have a successful start in China.

Haven’t started your application yet?

Make sure to follow the steps above, here a quick summary:

  1. Find a program: you can find programs here. Click on the program’s name (not the university’s name), then you will be directed to the program’s webpage to find out more.
  2. Start your online application: Once you are on a program’s webpage that you want to apply for, click the “Apply Now” button on the bottom of the page. Make sure to read this article here in order to provide the right documents.
  3. Submit the application: Pay the application fee, attach a payment receipt and click the “Submit Payment” button. The full payment instructions are here.

We want your dreams to become true, start your application now!

Some frequently asked questions: 

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