Programs Open For Spring 2022 Intake

If you want to study in a Chinese university starting in Spring 2022, the time has come to prepare and submit your application. In Chinese universities, the spring semester usually starts in late February/March, after the Lunar New Year holiday.

China Admissions can help you apply for Spring 2022 Intake at Chinese universities. Here are some featured programs available for you for Spring 2022. For the specific deadline for each program, open the links and select the program you want.

Bachelor’s Programs

  1. Bachelor’s Programs at Beijing Foreign Studies University — Deadline Dec 2021
  2. Bachelor’s Programs at University of International Business and EconomicsDeadline Dec 2021
  3. Bachelor’s Programs at Bohai University— Deadline Dec 2021

Master’s Programs

  1. Master’s Programs at The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyDeadline Nov 2021
  2. Master’s Programs at University of Law Hong Kong— Deadline Dec 2021
  3. Master’s Programs at University of International Business and Economics— Deadline Dec 2021
  4. Master’s Programs at Jiangsu University— Deadline Jan 2022
  5. Master’s Programs at Dalian Medical UniversityDeadline Jan 2022

Non-Degree Programs

  1. Chinese language, Certificate, and Foundation programs at Beijing Foreign Studies UniversityDeadline Dec 2021
  2. Chinese language and Foundation programs at University of International Business and EconomicsDeadline Dec 2021
  3. Chinese language at Zhejiang University of Science and Technology— Deadline Jan 2022
  4. Online Business Chinese at Shenzhen UniversityDeadline Jan 2022
  5. Chinese Medicine Programs at Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese MedicineDeadline Jan 2022


For the complete list of all programs beginning Spring 2022, click here.

When should I start applying to Spring 2022 Intake?

You should begin applying for the Spring 2022 Intake NOW. Nadia from China Admissions explains more here:

You can read about this topic in our article here.

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