All 15 Winter Olympic Sports in Chinese

How do you say all the Winter Olympic sports in Chinese? The Beijing 2022 Olympics are coming up from February 4-20 in China’s capital city. While Covid-19 concerns will likely limit the number of visitors and spectators that will watch the event, there are still 15 official Olympic sports taking place to watch.

Learn about the schedule for the Winter Olympic Games on the official website here.

Olympics: 奥运会 Àoyùnhuì

Winter Olympics: 冬奥会 Dōng Àohuì

Here are all the Winter Olympic sports names in Chinese:

  1. Alpine Skiing – 高山滑雪 Gāoshān huáxuě
  2. Biathlon – 冬季两项 dōngjì liǎng xiàng
  3. Bobsleigh – 雪车 xuě chē
  4. Cross-Country Skiing – 越野滑雪 yuèyě huáxuě
  5. Curling – 冰壶 bīng hú
  6. Figure Skating – 花样滑冰 huāyàng huábīng
  7. Freestyle Skiing – 自由式滑雪 zìyóu shì huáxuě
  8. Ice Hockey – 冰球 bīngqiú
  9. Luge – 雪橇 xuěqiāo
  10. Nordic Combined – 北欧两项 běi’ōu liǎngxiàng
  11. Short Track Speed Skating – 短道速滑 duǎn dào sù huá
  12. Skeleton – 钢架雪车 gāng jià xuě chē
  13. Ski Jumping – 跳台滑雪 tiàotái huáxuě
  14. Snowboard – 单板滑雪 dān bǎn huáxuě
  15. Speed Skating – 速度滑冰 sùdù huábīng

What’s your favorite winter sport? Tell us in the comments!

winter olympic sports in chinese

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