Covid-19 Chinese Vocabulary: Discuss Vaccines and Symptoms

No doubt about it, we live in a post-Covid world now. Masks, airline delays, Covid tests, and vaccine passports play important roles in our daily life. How can you discuss this new reality and the coronavirus in Chinese?

You can learn all the Covid-19 Chinese vocabulary right here. With this guide, you’ll be able to talk about your symptoms, positive and negative test results, health code, quarantine, and more all in Mandarin Chinese. Stay safe!

Signs and Symptoms

Covid: 新冠病毒 xīnguàn bìngdú

Symptoms: 症状 zhèngzhuàng

Cough: 咳嗽 késou

Fever: 发烧 fāshāo

Headache: 头疼 tóuténg

Difficulty Breathing: 呼吸困难 hūxīkùnnan

Loss of taste: 味觉丧失 Wèijué sàngshī

Sample Sentences:

  • What are your symptoms? 你的症状是什么? Nǐ de zhèngzhuàng shì shénme
  • I have a headache. 我头疼。Wǒ tóuténg
  • I have a fever. 我发烧了. Wǒ fāshāole
  • I have Covid. 我有新冠病毒. Wǒ yǒu xīnguān bìngdú

covid-19 Chinese vocabularyGetting a Test

Before you travel, you will need to take a Covid-19 test. Additionally, if your university or city experiences an outbreak, you might have to get tested as part of public safety measures. Here is the relevant Covid-19 Chinese vocabulary:

Covid Test: 病毒检测 Bìngdú jiǎncè

Nucleic Acid PCR Test: 核酸检测 hésuān jiǎncè

Antibody test: 抗体检测 Kàngtǐ jiǎncè

Same-day results: 当天报告 dāngtiān bàogào

Positive (test result): 阳性 Yángxìng

Negative (test result): 阴性 Yīnxìng

Sample Sentences:

  • Proof of a negative test: 病毒检测阴性证明 Bìngdú jiǎncè yīnxìng zhèngmíng
  • You have a negative test result. 您的检测结果呈阴性. Nín de jiǎncè jiéguǒ chéng yīnxìng
  • You have a positive test result. 您的检测结果呈阳性。Nín de jiǎncè jiéguǒ chéng yángxìng
  • Where can I get a Covid test? 我在哪里可以进行病毒检测? Wǒ zài nǎlǐ kěyǐ jìnxíng Bìngdú jiǎncè?

covid-19 Chinese vocabulary

Get a Vaccine and Chinese Health Code

In order to stay healthy as you move around the city and travel, this Covid-19 Chinese vocabulary is absolutely essential to know.

Vaccine: 疫苗 Yìmiáo

Get a vaccine: 接种疫苗 jiēzhǒng yìmiáo or 打疫苗 dǎyìmiáo

Health code: 健康码 Jiànkāng mǎ

Three colors for health code: green/yellow/red: 绿 Lǜ / 黄 huáng / 红 hóng

Sample Sentences:

  • I got vaccinated last month. 我上个月打了疫苗。Wǒ shàng gè yuè dǎle yìmiáo
  • My health code is green. 我的健康码是绿色的. Wǒ de jiànkāng mǎ shì lǜsè de

covid-19 Chinese vocabulary

Other Covid-19 Chinese Vocabulary

Mask: 口罩 Kǒuzhào

Quarantine: 隔离 Gélí

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