ZIBS Welcomes Business Professionals in Shanghai to a Special Masterclass

Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS) welcomed a group of 40 business professionals in Shanghai to a special Masterclass, focused on historical trends in leadership.

As a premier international business school from China, ZIBS is committed to creating and disseminating knowledge that advances the practice of business globally. Within a context of increasing complexity in industries and markets, an organization’s ability to innovate and face disruption is directly linked to the strength of its leadership. Setting strategy, and staying on track, has become a core focus for leadership.


During the Masterclass, Vice Dean of ZIBS, Joshua Kobb, discussed the evolution of leadership over time, from both the perspective of the individual and the organization. Participants were exposed to different leadership styles, from authoritarian to transformational, as well as organizational approaches such as diffused, situational and self-regulated structures.

Particular focus was placed on current and future trends in the field, in which Vice Dean Kobb led an interactive discussion about networked leadership and how power in organizations is increasingly being shared across units and individuals.

ZIBS International MBA Program provides opportunities for professionals to gain insights and broaden their perspective on management and leadership. This Masterclass provided a valuable glimpse into the importance of learning and continued professional development.

ZIBS Masterclass: Next-generation leaders: changing models in changing times 

The ZIBS talk addresses the evolution of leadership practice, looking at how styles have changed over time, and how this is linked to generational traits. As innovation continues to change how we do business, we should also think about what will make our future leaders successful.

What is the best way to lead in 2020? How can we develop our leadership skills and build a high performing team of leaders?

What are the differences between the different generations and cultures? From the Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millenial, Zoomers, and people born after the ’90s. How might leadership in 1990 and 2020, and 2040 be different? And what can we learn from it?

About the Speaker

Joshua Kobb is Vice Dean at the Zhejiang International Business School, based in Haining, Zhejiang Province, PRC, where he is focused on developing the global strategy and implementing strategic initiatives for the business school.

Prior to joining ZIBS, Joshua served as Chief Operating Officer for the Core Leadership Institute in Boston, USA, focused on delivering transformational leadership development programs. Throughout his career, he has developed and implemented management, talent, and development programs at INSEAD, HEC Paris, Harvard Business Publishing, and Baruch College at the City University of New York.

Joshua holds an MA in International Policy Studies from the Monterey Institute at Middlebury College and a BA in Psychology from Rutgers University.

About Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS)

Zhejiang University International Business School was launched in 2018 and is China’s newest business school. Zhejiang University is a top 3 ranked Chinese University.

ZIBS is located Zhejiang University’s impressive, brand new, Haining campus. ZIBS is set to be a leading player in China and globally. ZIBS’ vision is to be a leading global ecosystem with business education as its core pillar. The university’s mission is to train business talents who are ready for the new global economic era, with a particular focus on new technologies, new economy and new finance.

Headquartered in Yangtze River Delta, one of the world’s most dynamic regions, Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS) has a presence in global business hubs including Silicon Valley in the USA and London, UK.

About the iMBA Program at ZIBS

ZIBS cultivates senior managers and future leaders with global vision, social responsibility, and innovative entrepreneurship. The program ensures that students master solid foundational theories, effective leadership, interdisciplinary vision, and cross-cultural business skills which prepare them to face the challenges of an increasingly complex business environment.

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The ZIBS iMBA program is now accepting applicants for 2020 intake. Contact China Admissions and talk to our professional student counselors who will help you get accepted at ZIBS.

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