Will Chinese Universities Increase Tuition Fees?

China Admissions has recently been featured in an article about Chinese universities potentially increasing tuition fees.

Why might Chinese universities increase tuition fees?

China’s universities have always been attractive for their relatively low tuition fees. International students currently pay around 20,000-60,000 yuan per year (2,807-10,000 USD) for universities, including Tsinghua University and Fudan University which are some of the most highly ranked universities in the world.

This has remained constant for the past few years, and is a small fraction of university fees in destinations such as the UK and US, while at the same time Chinese universities have been continually climbing the international rankings.

However, a team of education experts at the Beijing Institute of Technology who conducted research on the matter have proposed increasing tuition fees for international students in line with international levels.

Shanghai Dianji University witnessed a 40% rise in science and engineering fees this year, the first increase in two decades.

What does this mean for prospective students? 

We don’t know if China will increase their tuition fees, as the report was more suggestive, and we don’t know if any increase will happen next year or in 2 years but we believe an increase in tuition fees at some point in the future is likely because the fees are already subsidised, and there have been few price increases in recent years.

As Chinese universities continue to climb international rankings, and with targets to become world class universities. This further demonstrates the huge opportunity there is of studying in a Chinese university right now.

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You can learn more about tuition fees at Chinese universities here.

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