Why Study MBBS in China at Shantou University Medical College?

Shantou University Medical College (SUMC) is a renowned public medical school in China that has proven to produce globally skilled health professionals.

SUMC’s students have achieved a pass rate of 93-98% in the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 1 in the past years. The medical school’s international graduates gain their residency positions in the USA, Thailand and Malaysia.

China Admissions recently connected with a faculty from SUMC to give you more information about SUMC’s top-ranking MBBS program.

Why should students study MBBS in China?

Students have different reasons but the most common reason is China’s tremendous growth in various fields which includes life science and medicine.

What are the main advantages of SUMC, and why should students choose MBBS at SUMC?

SUMC is committed to providing students with quality medical education experiences that enable them to become competent physicians with solid medical knowledge, adequate clinical skills and professionalism.

For medical courses, international students admitted join our top domestic students in the same English medium class, enjoying the same quality education as our domestic students.

The clinical medicine major has been in the world’s top 1% of ESI (Essential Science Index) since 2012, and has been listed in both the national and provincial plans to develop world-class undergraduate courses in 2019.

The virtual case-based integrated training system for clinical thinking and clinical skills course has been recognized by the Ministry of Education as the national first-class course. Also, the program has been registered with the World Directory of Medical Schools co-developed by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER).

Cutting-edge teaching facilities like Simulated Medical Center enable our students to learn and develop in a stimulated environment. The Simulated Medical Center is a state-of-the-art clinical simulation and learning center designed as an actual modern hospital.

It efficiently facilitates the acquisition of the professional skills and competencies required in clinical practice through the use of sophisticated simulation models, multimedia learning systems and professional standardized patients. Refer to more information and pictures here.

What type of students are ideal for the MBBS program at SUMC?

High school science stream graduates or students graduating in/or before July 2021 or higher degree holders, who are mature, independent and can easily adapt to a new environment are welcome to apply.

How does SUMC MBBS program curriculum incorporate Eastern and Western medicine?

The MBBS program at SUMC is purely Western medicine – modern medicine.

Where do students spend their clinical internship?

The last year of clinical internship will be placed in our affiliated teaching hospitals in Shantou. According to the national regulations, students have to take the last year clinical internship in our affiliated teaching hospitals.

What are the differences between five-year and six-year MBBS programs?

The differences are the program duration and academic eligibility. The six-year program is open to high school graduates and has one more year for basic science courses.

For the five-year program, only those students who have completed the basic science courses including Math, Physics and Chemistry at the university level, or hold a higher degree can apply.

Both programs include the internship in the final year to be placed in our affiliated teaching hospitals.

Do you have any tips for students to apply successfully?

Students must meet our basic eligibility requirements, and submit their applications as required here. Scores for the basic science courses like Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology should be at least a passing score. Students should also study a lot of time after class.

What are the requirements for learning Chinese?

According to the national regulations, international students need to pass at least HSK 4 before entering the last year internship. Chinese language courses with limited hours will be offered during the study at SUMC, while students should spend much more time on self-learning.

What’s the process to take the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)?

Please refer to ECFMG’s website and its notices.

What are career opportunities in China for foreigners who graduated medicine?

Our graduates work in various clinical specialties at home and abroad, but most medical students pursue being a doctor in their home country.

It’s possible for them to practice medicine in China only if they get a license. Policies and requirements for the licensing process may vary from country to country. International students should check with the medical council of their own country for specific requirements for becoming a doctor in the country.

Working as a doctor in China also depends on a graduate’s Chinese language proficiency. They also need to pass China’s National Medical Licensure Examination, which is conducted in Chinese language only. Lastly, they need to find a hospital for medical residency afterwards.

Also, it’s required to take another year of internship in the affiliated hospital (where the official work language is Chinese) before they can take the China’s National Medical Licensure Examination.

About Shantou University Medical College

Shantou University logo

With its student-centered medical education, cutting-edge teaching facilities and over ten comprehensive and specialized hospitals for preclinical studies and clinical training, Shantou University Medical College (SUMC) is one of the best places to obtain an MBBS degree in China.

The medical college is best known for its excellent practice of teaching medicine, but most of all, it brings out the best in its MBBS students. An MBBS at SUMC will prepare you for the rapidly changing landscape of modern medicine by equipping you with the latest theoretical background and intensive clinical experience.

Learn more about SUMC MBBS program here.

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