Why Choose iMBA at ZIBS? 11 Reasons to Enroll in the Program

Do you want to be part of a leading global ecosystem and experience quality management education? The iMBA at ZIBS is the perfect program for you.

The International Master of Business Administration at Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS) is taught in English or bilingual form. ZIBS is globally present in business hubs including the Silicon Valley in the USA and Greater London, UK.

The iMBA program also focuses on new technologies, new economy, and new finance so you are ensured of a bright future ahead in the Chinese and international markets. Here are more reasons to enroll in the iMBA program at ZIBS!

11 Best Reasons to Enroll in the iMBA Program at ZIBS

The International MBA program is dedicated to advancing leaders who can envision and implement original business concepts. Scholars and students of diverse backgrounds benefit from the collaborative learning environment, world-class research and academic theory which is integrated with business practice.

1) Flexible program structure

The iMBA program gives you the flexibility to choose from the part-time or full-time option and take the program in English or in bilingual form. You can also choose to customize your in-company experience and class frequency.

Graduates of the iMBA program will obtain the diploma of Master of Business Administration of Zhejiang University.

2) Excellent program outline

A select series of courses, which have been chosen and vetted by ZIBS, may be taken online. The formal curriculum is supplemented by guest lectures and webinars, which provides further insights into current business trends and best practices.

For both part-time and full-time formats, the curriculum is composed of three main course elements: required coursework, core subjects, and electives.

3) Cutting-edge learning resources

This includes global academic and industry experts, innovative research, world-class facilities, and student-focused development.

4) International professors

Through cooperation with peer universities globally, ZIBS brings leading global professors, scholars and industry experts to the classroom to establish a truly international faculty that blends theory and practice.

5) Cross-border academic cooperation

Cooperating with top universities outside of China, the program offers global classroom opportunities and allows students to take short courses or lectures overseas to develop their ability to analyze business issues and challenges from an international perspective.

6) Corporate connections

In order to ensure the relevance of the iMBA coursework to challenges being faced in today’s increasingly complex business environment, corporate support provides opportunities for practical exchange with professionals and experts in their fields.

The partnership with Ant Financial brings to ZIBS and its students a deep level of access to current practices. In addition, guest speakers from the industry are often invited on campus for discussions and exchange.

7) Top Chinese and global alumni network

Global alumni network, with over 600,000 Zhejiang University alumni and connections to leading businesses worldwide. An extensive alumni network is important to succeed in China.

8) International student environment

The iMBA program provides a unique environment for students to learn from each other. Through both in-class and after-class activities, students will have the opportunity to develop their cross-cultural communication skills, establish their own international contacts and explore potential cooperation opportunities. The International Campus provides an ideal setting for a global connection.

9) In-company experience

The program actively promotes practical cooperation with top domestic and international firms. It encourages students to expand their professional opportunities and to apply their MBA learnings to real, practical situations.

10) Language courses for non-native speakers

The part-time iMBA format provides English training opportunities to help its students better master the content of the program, express their ideas and exchange views in English, and make full use of the advantages of international bilingual teaching courses.

The full-time iMBA format provides Chinese training opportunities to help students take full advantage of their China experience and opportunities.

11) State-of-the-art facilities at the new ZIBS international campus

Zhejiang University International Campus is located north of Juanhu Park in Haining, covering 200 acres. It is an extraordinary international community full of creativity, energy and entrepreneurial spirit.

Students not only enjoy international standard liberal arts and professional education but also have the opportunity to work with partners around the world, in a rich and colorful living environment.

ZIBS has modern facilities which include three canteens, four residential colleges, a gym that offers a variety of quality equipment, a large number of sporting facilities on campus, including badminton, tennis, squash, basketball, football and a huge library with a wide range of library resources, from books and journals to electronic databases and articles.

The new Zhejiang University International Campus where ZIBS is located.


Do you want to be part of a leading global ecosystem and experience quality management education?

The iMBA at ZIBS is the perfect program for you. The program is taught in both part-time and full-time mode. The part-time program is an attractive program for professionals located in Hangzhou, Jiangsu, Shanghai and surrounding areas who are seeking to reach the next level in China. The full-time program is an ideal program for future global business leaders.

With the mission to train business talents who are ready for the new global economic era, with a particular focus on new technologies, new economy, and new finance, you are ensured of a bright future ahead in the Chinese and international markets.

Learn more and start your iMBA applications for 2021 here.

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