Why I Chose To Study MBBS At Zhejiang University 🇦🇺

Deanna is an international student studying MBBS at Zhejiang University. She was born in Malaysia but was raised her entire life in Australia. When asked why she chose to study medicine in China instead of Australia, Deanna shares,

“In China, medical schools consider the student applying as a whole. Whereas in Australia, they are limited to your academic standing, your GPA or your medical entrance score.”

Deanna adds that the MBBS application in China is much easier compared to Western universities. She applied to Zhejiang through China Admissions and this is what she had to say about the service,

“I enjoyed applying through China Admissions. Dulguun was really great, patient and very thorough. She has quick responses and she gave me constant updates. Dulguun was really detail oriented.”

Deanna hopes to come to China and experience the culture first hand. She also wants to learn and be fluent in Chinese so she can communicate with her patients effectively. See the best Chinese language programs here.

We hope to see you soon Deanna!

Admissions for 2021 intake is going ahead as normal. You can start your application here or learn more about the admissions process here.

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