Why Do You Need Us? Top 3 Reasons

We are China Admissions, a platform for international students to apply to Chinese Universities. We partner with 90 top Chinese universities and have over 100,000 registered students. So why do you need us?

  • Free Service

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We are the official representatives of universities we partner with, so you don’t have to pay us any extra fee. We are here to help you to choose the most suitable program, improve your chances of acceptance by applying to several top universities at the same time with one application and speed up the time of your acceptance. We provide step-by-step guidance for your application fully in English and help to send your application directly to the university.



  • Fast & Responsive

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Universities receive a large number of applicants every semester, so they might take up to one month to respond to a simple question. However, China Admissions directly partner with top Chinese Universities, thus we process your application faster and respond your questions within 24 hours. We speak Chinese and are in constant contact with the offices, so we can reply and resolve any issues quickly.


  • Simple & Easy

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We believe the application to universities must be simple and easy. With our user-friendly platform, you can apply to the program of your interest within 10 minutes, while applying via the university website might take days to apply. We make sure to follow up with the Universities to check on your application, make sure to resolve any issues.




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