What is it like to study at Beijing Foreign Studies University International Business School?

You may be a interested in studying in China.

However you can never really know what China is really like until you arrive and come.

Here are some videos from international students about their experiences studying at Beijing Foreign Studies University International Business School.

Beatrice was the winner of the student video competition:

Here is Khan who came in second place:

Here is a video of many foreign students perspective of studying in BFSU:

BFSU IBS is popular for students who want to study the following programs:

 – Bachelor’s in Chinese Business Studies
 – Bachelor’s in International Finance
 – Bachelor’s in International Marketing
 – Bachelor’s in International Business

 – Master’s in International Business

Are you interested in studying at BFSU?

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There are a large number of scholarships available for top students, and students from belt and road countries.

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