Visa Extension After Graduation

Many students want to extend their Chinese student visa after graduation, for example, to travel, obtain a working visa or deal with necessary documents. Generally speaking, it’s not easy to extend your student visa if you have graduated already, but there is always a way. You can apply for a visa called “Humanitarian visa” (or Stay Permit). Don’t get it wrong, the humanitarian visa is not an extension of the student visa, but a separate visa that allows you to stay in China for a month.

Personally, I have applied for the humanitarian visa while I was waiting for my work permit approval notice. My student visa was expiring at the end of July, while my work permit approval notice was only coming out at the beginning of August, so this visa gave me more time to apply for the working visa. (Tip: Humanitarian visa, unlike a tourist visa, can be changed into Z visa or working visa).

Where to apply?

To apply for the humanitarian visa, you should go to the Public Security Bureau (PSB) Exit and Entry Administration office. We advise you to bring your Chinese buddy with you if you cannot speak Chinese to ensure a smooth application process.

Which documents should you prepare?
  1. Application letter stating the purpose of your application for the humanitarian visa in Chinese – (申请函)
  2. 2-inch white background photograph (1 piece) – (2寸白底照片 (1张)
  3. Visa Application Form (to be filled out in the Exit and Entry Bureau)- 申请表 (在出入境那边填)
  4. Certificate of completion of studies from the university (valid from 10 days after the date of issue of the certificate – 学习结束证明(学习结束证明从签发之日起10日有效
  5. Most recent Residence Permit (Valid should be at least within 30 days) – 住宿登记表 (只是给办理的人看) *从办理当天算,有效期30天*
When to apply for a humanitarian visa?

We advise you to apply at least seven days before your visa expires. Please note that the starting date of the humanitarian visa starts from the date you apply for the visa, which means that if you apply on July 28th, your one month visa will be given from July 28th till August 27th. Moreover, a humanitarian visa is a single-entry visa, which means if you exit China within a month you cannot enter back.



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