What is the Tsinghua ICPM Program?

With China’s economy soaring over the past 30 years, the Chinese government has developed initiatives to support its colossal number of construction projects that have made it the urban hub of the world.

All around China, skyscrapers and architecturally-modern buildings can be seen, and hidden cities have literally risen from nothing overnight. Every day, there is something brewing in China. The world could only guess what is next in China’s construction list.

To support China’s “build” project, it has developed smarter global construction processes and methods. This includes new technology, new equipment, and new materials.

If you want to study how the construction industry works in China or start a career in construction, project management or technology, you can apply for the International Construction and Project Management (ICPM) program at Tsinghua.

What is the Tsinghua ICPM Program?

Tsinghua University is a top-ranking and globally-recognised university that offers quality programs in China. The university offers the International Construction and Project Management (ICPM) program under the Department of Construction Management, School of Civil Engineering.

The ICPM puts China into the context of the global construction market (infrastructure, residential, healthcare, education, commercial, public and private projects).

The ICPM program aims to:
  • broaden the knowledge of students about contemporary issues such as leadership, strategic management, and the delivery of quality international projects that will benefit stakeholders and society as a whole.
  • equip students with the practical and technical skills to become qualified, management and construction professionals who are ready to take on innovative and advanced projects.
  • ensure that students have strong theoretical knowledge, competent and sound judgment, and analytical skills to solve construction problems.

Learn more about the ICPM program here.



If you want to understand and know more about the Chinese market, its culture, procurement, and how it manages the design and delivery of projects, this program is for you.

The concept of ICPM is strictly cultivating the globalised leaders with both fundamental knowledge and the industry practical capability.

The program collaborated with top industry associations worldwide to enhance the course system. It is the platform of collaboration between academic research and industry practice.

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