Top 8 Best Youtube Channels for Learning Chinese

So, you want to learn Chinese! Did you know you can use YouTube channels to learn Chinese and improve that way?

Youtube is one of the best ways to learn Chinese. Listening to more Chinese content can help you learn faster, it can also be really interesting, and one of the best things about it is that it’s totally free!

If you are serious about learning Chinese, we recommend you watch to 1 hour of Chinese per day, and also learn 50 – 100 new characters per day. After no time you will find your Chinese improving quickly!

Here is the list of the top 8 Best Youtube channels & Tips to use Youtube to learn Chinese.

1. Learn from Other Chinese Learners

This isn’t actually a channel, but we really suggest you start by watching how other people have learnt Chinese. It can give you a lot of great ideas and tips that can save you a lot of time and also inspiration. You can then build your own strategy. Some of the best we recommend are:
Blondie in China 
– Dulguun from Mongolia – “How I learnt Chinese by watching videos”

You can also check out lots more stories for their strategies by searching here.

2. AriinBeijing

AriinBeijing has some great videos and fun and interesting videos about speaking Chinese. It’s quite impressive that he learnt Chinese to such a level in a short amount of time and we hope this can serve as some inspiration.

3. Slow Down the Videos

If you are using Youtube and you can’t understand the Chinese, you can try slowing down the video. You can also use a browser extension such as this one in Chrome which enables you to go back 15 seconds really easily.

4. Mandarin Corner

We really enjoy the videos over at Mandarin Corner. There is a lot of free content there, and its great to listen to the real life conversations which have Chinese and English and Pinyin. Have a look at some of these conversations with foreigners to help inspire you. 

5. ChinesePod

Chinesepod has a lot of content about learning Chinese for many levels. You can check them out and other channels by searching on Youtube directly here or according to your HSK level:
– HSK 2

6. Search in Chinese Things You Are Interested In

If you are a bit more advanced we highly suggest you search the topics you are interested in and see what videos come up such as 宫保鸡丁 or how about a place in China you might like to visit such as 梵净山. It might take a bit longer to understand them but this can be a good way to learn vocabulary and you will find the topic interesting which is one fo the most important things! You will also be able to understand the culture better.

7. China Admissions!

We have to introduce our own China Admissions channel. Our channel is mostly about studying in China, but we are also sharing more content about learning Chinese and our experiences learning Chinese which can help inspire you. We are working hard to make more videos about how to learn Chinese, so be sure to subscribe so you can get notified.

8. Chinese Video Platforms & Chinese Movies

Youtube is actually blocked in China, so you will find 10x more content on the Chinese platforms including interesting movies and documentaries, such as Bilibili, Iqiyi, and Youku.

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