Studying Online Chinese at BLCU

Unless you have real gift for languages, learning a foreign language can be quite daunting. But at Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), studying Chinese is easy and fun. Currently, BLCU offers two types of Online Chinese Courses: 1-on-1 and group classes.

BLCU’s Chinese Programs are popular and highly recommended by international students. Here’s what students have to say about their experience at BLCU.

Why are students learning Chinese?

More than 50% of students study Chinese because they find it interesting and to improve their fluency. 25% study for academic purposes and to find work in China.

“I want to use Chinese for my business and to communicate better with Chinese people. I aim to pass HSK 6.” – Rich

Which programs are students taking at BLCU?

50% of students are under 1-on-1 classes while the other 50% are taking group classes. Here’s a quick difference between the two programs:

  • 1-on-1 Chinese Class – go at your own pace, no pressure from the progress of other students, gives you more time with the teacher 
  • Group Class – good for students who retain information through discussion/explanation, enables you to learn through interaction with other students

Here’s a sample 1-on-1 class that Rich (CEO of China Admissions) personally enrolled in.

This is another video that you can watch showing how a BLCU group class works.

BLCU offers a free trial class for students who are interested in their programs. Head to this link to register! 

How are students likely to recommend BLCU to a friend?

From a score of 1 to 10, 40% of students rated BLCU a perfect 10, 40% gave BLCU a score of 8 to 9 while the 20% scored the school 3 to 7. Here’s what students are saying.

“Excellent teachers and uses standardized Hanban Chinese!” – Marvel

“I really enjoy the classes, the teacher is great and I love practicing my Chinese with other students.” – Paulina

“It’s a good course, and the outline of topics during classes is great. I also like that it’s online, which is very convenient.” – Marco

What do students like most about BLCU’s Chinese language programs?

BLCU has the strongest faculty, the largest scale and the longest history in the file of teaching Chinese language to non-native speakers. Here are reasons students like BLCU’s programs:

  • Standard or quality of BLCU’s Chinese language programs
  • Teachers at BLCU are highly experienced and dedicated
  • Course structure is clear and useful
  • Class arrangements are very flexible
  • BLCU makes Chinese easy and fun to learn
“The lessons were very interesting and funny. I always have a good time during class!” – Rita

About Beijing Language and Culture University

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) is China’s No.1 Chinese learning university for foreigners. Based in Beijing, BLCU teaches thousands of international students each year.

BLCU’s main task is to teach Chinese language and culture to foreign students. In addition to teaching Chinese, it also undertakes the task of teaching foreign languages, computer science and technology, and finance and accountancy to Chinese students.

BLCU provides training courses for teachers who specialize in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and it offers pre-departure language training to candidates intending to live and work abroad.

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