Studying Computer Science in China – BIT and Tsinghua University 🇷🇼

Watch Frank’s video as he shares his story about studying at two of China’s top universities! 

Isingizwe Didier Frank is an international student from Rwanda. He has been studying in China since 2015. Frank was not initially excited about the idea of coming to China. But all this changed when he arrived in China and saw how amazing the country was. He loved the diverse community of international students and being able to understand their culture.

Fluent in French, Frank was asked why he chose to study in China instead of France. “China is technologically advanced, and I wanted to be part of this fast-growing development.” Frank went on to study computer science at Beijing Institute of Technology. He is currently studying master’s degree at Tsinghua University. Tsinghua is now accepting applications, learn more about it here.

Admissions for 2021 intake is going ahead as normal. You can start your application here or learn more about the admissions process here.

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