Semester program in China: study as visiting/exchange student

Not that many students are aware there is an opportunity for them to study at Chinese University as an exchange/visiting student, but the opportunity does exist, and we wish more students had such experience.

So we’d like to explain what you need to do to study in Chinese University, how to make it happen and what our role in this is, so more people will realise that it’s possible and not that hard.

Semester program in China: what kind of program can you study?

Nearly all programs which are listed on our site can accept students for one semester.

Most recommended Universities are UIBE and BFSU; any Bachelor’s or Master’s program in Law, Marketing, Finance, Chinese business etc .bfsu china logo

You can also read more about semester program in Tsinghua UniversitySBC College, CUPL .

But if you took a look at the Universities which are our partners and are interested in other Universities andprograms which aren’t listed above, contact us and we’ll be glad to arrange it for you.

Is it possible for you to earn the credits at University in tsinghua logo chinaChina and get your home University to acknowledge them?

Yes, beside helping you with applying process, we can also help you arrange the credits, even if your home University and University you are applying for don’t have an agreement. Actually this is what our company’s founder did and how China Admissions was founded. Richard was a student at Exeter University in Uk and wanted to come to study at Peking University to learn Chinese in his third year. There was no partnership between Exeter so Richard just contacted Peking University and with the help of another friend in Beijing set it up himself.

If you want to have a semester abroad at one of our universities, contact us and we can arrange the course details to be sent to your university so they can be approved and you can receive credits for studying abroad.

Will you get a certificate after you finish the semester program in China?

Yes, of course, you will. All the courses you take will be listed on the certificate.

What is the point of studying semester program?

1.Real experience. Studying in your home University is one thing, going to another country, to a country which culture and language are completely different from yours is another. Not everyone thinks they can do it, as it’s not the easiest thing: to go so far from home and everything that you know, but you can never know whether you are strong enough for this experience until you get it. And life is all about pushing your comfort zones so you can improve.

2. A chance of building a network. Networking is the number one way to get a job and build your career.

NETWORKING is the single most powerful marketing tactic to accelerate and sustain success for any individual or organization! Adam Small

3. A chance to learn Chinese language and culture. If you are thinking about making China a part of your life: love life, business, you will have to learn its language, its culture, its history, as Chinese people are very proud of their language and culture.

Doesn’t the opportunity to explore China by learning the program you are interested in and the language at the same time sound amazing? And what can be better for a person who is learning a new language than immersion?

4. A chance to grow up a lot. As I’ve mentioned before, studying in another country while isn’t the hardest thing, it’s also not the easiest thing. When a person comes to China, he/she can suffer from culture shock, especially a non-Asian person.

China is very different and unique, even people from Asian countries are not always capable of understanding Chinese culture.

Coming here can definitely be considered as getting out of your comfort zone, which as you all know is the best way to grow up.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Neale Donald Walsch

If you got interested and would like to get more information or apply, please contact us at or through our site.

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