International Student Shares Her Amazing Experience At Xiamen University

Establishing a harmonious relationship between humans and nature, Xiamen has been awarded a string of honors, including the “UN-Habitat Scroll of Honour” and “International Garden City” award.

With a long and proud tradition of scholarly excellence and its leadership in a broad range of disciplines, Xiamen University has earned it a prestigious reputation as the “Strength of Southern China”.

Xiamen University is now approaching its 100th anniversary. Let us hear an international student’s wonderful story about her study and life experience at XMU.

Sabrina Hasan from Bangladesh
Ph.D. of Law of the Sea
South China Sea Institute

The journey began in the year of 2018 when I came to Xiamen to commence the Ph.D. Programme in Law of the Sea under the South China Sea Institute (SCSI) of Xiamen University (XMU) upon receiving the prestigious CSC Marine Scholarship. This was my first to visit China and the excitement level was at its best.

Landing on the beautiful island surprised in a lot of ways, first and foremost with the fact that being a small island how developed it is, maybe that’s what they call rapid advancement of China.

Being a student of law, I mastered in Maritime Law which led me to pursue a Ph.D. on Law of the Sea. My decision to study under the SCSI I believe is the best one as the opportunities and experiences I am having are enhancing my skills and knowledge to become an expert in the field.

Xiamen University has the most beautiful campus and the environment always keeps us lively and enthusiastic to learn and be active. Opportunities for extracurricular activities, attending and taking part in different conferences and seminars are always a bonus along with academic support.

Friends are the biggest achievement that I’ve had in Xiamen. Without them, I cannot imagine passing a single day smoothly. Life is very convenient and happy because of the presence of such friends and the atmosphere of the university is a friendly one too.

This is my second year at Xiamen University, and I have so many memories that cannot be explained within a few pages. While attending the lectures, the view from my classroom to the Baicheng, seeing the vessels navigating to and from the Xiamen port in the Xiada Houhai always encourages me to work harder and research more on the issues related to Shipping and Law of the Sea.

Living far away from family and home is not an easy task. However, the environment, facilities, and support of the University have made it easier for me. The number of international students at Xiamen University is also very significant. This makes the environment of the university culturally diversified, thus, making the exchange of culture, knowledge, and skills more vibrant.

I have always been encouraged to attend different gatherings related to my research field even beyond China. The university always welcomes students to learn more and for that purpose to go anywhere around the world.

We believe learning from diversified areas can bring an exchange of cultural diversity, analytical views from different perspectives and so on. I have attended the EULOS Summer School Program 2019 representing XMU.

Best wishes for XMU which is going step in its 100 years of excellence!

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