Study Chinese with LTL in Taiwan – Visas NOW available ✈

LTL Mandarin School Taiwan brings GOOD NEWS for international students – things are looking very positive in Taiwan!

As Taiwan performed very well in controlling the COVID pandemic – LTL Mandarin’s Taipei School remained open all throughout 2020-2021 and is FULLY operational at the moment with inbound students from all over the world.

This is because from March 1st, Taiwan eased some borders restrictions and a limited number of long-term visas are available for applicants to come to Taiwan to join LTL.

If you’re interested Chinese language on-site programs for Summer 2021, Taiwan is the right answer RIGHT NOW!

NOTE – It’s possible to travel at a later time BUT you have to apply now to get your visa before they run out. Register your interest to find out more!

Small Groups and Individual 1-on-1 classes are NOW available in Taiwan.

With LTL Small Group Classes you will have classes for 20 hours per week and you will join a small and intimate group of students where you will learn Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing Mandarin.

With LTL Individual 1-on-1 Classes you can choose what you want to focus on more and LTL will tailor your program according to your preferences.

The LTL Staff are looking forward to welcoming you in Taiwan shortly!

Register here!

Please complete the form below to register your interest.

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