Is Shanghai your next MBA destination?

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Pursuing an MBA is a conscious choice that you won’t regret. Having previously obtained your Master Degree, with enough professional experience to give you a clearer idea about your future, you are ready to make an informed decision about studying an MBA at a top Chinese Business School. If you intend to have a successful career in China, Shanghai is without doubt the ideal hub to kickstart your illustrious international career.

Shanghai is a world economic capital and a major hub for countless international companies. Pursuing your MBA degree at a top Business School in Shanghai is your opportunity to enter the competitive and fast-changing business world. Whether you plan to become part of a worldwide corporation or a thriving Chinese company, this city is by far your best choice.

The city is China’s vibrant capital of business and commerce, as well as one of the largest and fastest developing cities in the world. Most types of industry in China can be found right here. Whether you’re considering a career in a successful high tech firm or that of a major financial powerhouse the possibilities are abundant. If you have a passion for international trade, the city tops the rankings as the busiest import and export hub in the world. It is also a major manufacturing and innovation center, with numerous successful companies being founded in recent years. Understanding this bustling city is crucial for students seeking international China-oriented business careers.

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) is internationally recognized as one of China’s leading business colleges. Located in Shanghai’s downtown commercial district, SJTU allows its students to benefit from the diversity found in China’s largest, most spectacular “megacity”, through everyday interaction with Shanghai businesses and industry leaders. The SJTU ACEM MBA Program rose to 39th place in the 2016 Financial Times Global MBA Ranking. The Antai MBA is also the first MBA program in China to be triply accredited by AACSB, EQUIS, and the Association of MBAs.


The ACEM MBA program has a primary focus on long-term career path building and professional development, in order for you to become a true business leader and join the industry elite. Professors and guest speakers are experts in their fields and have tremendous knowledge of the business environment in Shanghai, China and the rest of the world. These great minds are here to equip you with their knowledge and expertise. As an MBA student at the Antai MBA Program, you will be provided with unique opportunities to apply your studies in practice through school clubs, internships, guest lecturers, as well as company tours and events.

As a future business leader, you will have the opportunity to experience and understand first-hand the fast-changing Chinese business arena. All this combined will make you an excellent candidate for employment, both in China and abroad. The Antai MBA program is ideal if you’re seeking to grasp both Eastern & Western standards in business, a key advantage as our world becomes increasingly interconnected. This program is designed to prepare you to meet the needs of economic globalization with both solid professional experience and modern managerial theories.

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Due to its rich history, excellent location (2 hour flight or a few hours trip by high speed train to Beijing), as well as fast growth and development, Shanghai constitutes a one-of-a-kind blend of East meets West. The city’s population of over 23 million makes it a small world within itself. Experiencing Shanghai while doing your MBA will thus allow you to experience a blended culture in this most international of Chinese mainland cities. Amidst the city’s breathtaking skyline, which is one of the largest concentrations of skyscrapers in the world, as well as the numerous historical landmarks and hidden gems, Shanghai easily competes with the likes of cities such as Paris, New York and London.

Pursuing your MBA in Shanghai will provide you not only with a high level of education, but more importantly, it will allow you to fully participate in the bustling city life. Don’t miss your chance to experience this (perhaps) once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, during which you enjoy the best of both worlds as a student and young professional. Shnghai’s colorful history and culture, and a blend of old and new, visible in every part of this wonderful metropolis, will make you look at life and your career from a whole new perspective.

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