Introduction to SBC – Sino-British College, Shanghai

The Sino-British College (SBC) is an international university college, jointly established by the University of Shanghai for Science & Technology (USST), and 9 leading British Universities. The College offers a number of programs to international students in English. This includes 1-year foundation programs in English, and a large number of mixed programs with some time spent in Shanghai, and the rest at a University in UK. (2+1) – 2 Years in Shanghai and 2 Years in the UK, or (1+2)  1 year in Shanghai and 2 years in UK.

Sino-British College, Shanghai Logo

SBC is as an entry college for students who are located in Asia and want to study British quality education, or for those international students who would like to have a mix of British and Chinese education.

The partner Universities are The University of Bradford, The University of Huddersfield, The University of Leeds, Leeds Beckett University, Liverpool John Moores University, Manchester Metropolitan University, The University of Salford, The University of Sheffield, and Sheffield Hallam University.

Sino-British College, Shanghai Building               Sino-British College, Shanghai Students

About Sino-British College, Shanghai

SBC became a fully licensed university college on September 1st, 2006. It is the only Shanghai-based higher education institution to be awarded a license by the Chinese Ministry of Education to offer full degree programmes taught entirely in English to multiple overseas universities (the so-called “1 to N Consortium Model”), either taught entirely at the Shanghai campus or with a period of study abroad. Graduates are awarded degrees from one of the partner British institutions.SBC is based in a beautiful historic campus in the heart of the city of Shanghai. Currently, it has about 2,000 full-time undergraduate students and about 150 international students from 42 countries and regions. Degree programmes are taught entirely in the English language across the whole spectrum of Business and Engineering by a highly qualified academic team comprising about 80 international staff from 20 different countries plus over 100 bilingual administrative staff many of whom have studied for international degrees.

Some pictures of the University are shown below.


SBC Location and Campus

SBC’s students and staff can enjoy one of the most convenient locations of any university in China, with restaurants, shops, cinema, and transportation within minutes of the campus. For example, walking distances from the campus are: subway station – Shanxi South Road, Line 1 (3 minutes), bus stop (1 minute), cinema (1 minute), restaurants (1 minute), supermarket (1 minute), wet market (2 minutes) 5-storey electronics market (3 minutes), and hotels (2 minutes).   The Shanghai Library and the Harmony Hospital are located close to each other just 2 minutes by bus or taxi from SBC campus.   Shanghai Hongqiao Airport is 30 minutes by taxi and Shanghai Pudong International Airport is 60 minutes by taxi. Alternatively, the bullet train brings arrivals from the Pudong International Airport to the city center in about 30 minutes then visitors can transfer to subway or taxi to SBC Campus.

Historic Campus

Built almost a century ago, SBC’s truly unique campus has classical European architecture and is located right at the heart of Shanghai. The buildings include German, French and British design features, and the campus gardens are maintained with a combination of Chinese and European balance. Ever since the campus was built, it has been a place for distinguished learning and research. From here, its academic community is making increasing key contributions to the economic and social well-being of the local community, and will undoubtedly have a growing impact on the city of Shanghai and the nation.

The campus map is shown below.

Life on Campus

Student Clubs/Societies

While Shanghai is definitely a dynamic city with so much to see and do, SBC itself also has a huge number of societies and clubs for students to get involved in on campus.  The Student Union manages an ever-growing number of these and holds an activity fair during enrolment to help students find their perfect extracurricular activity and get the most from university life.

SBC Music Society

This vibrant group provides an opportunity to learn or improve skills in traditional Chinese, Western Classical, and popular music. It also puts on musical concerts, etc., giving students great experience in performing and in organizational skills. Similar opportunities are on offer in a range of arts-related activities, traditional and contemporary.

SBC Entrepreneurs

Practice your business skills in real life!  The Entrepreneurs have been working with commercial companies on campus.  So far they’ve established partnerships with lunch delivery and soft drinks companies.  The Social and Commercial section of the Student Union set up the partnerships, and revenue from the sales is used to support SU activities. New projects include an online flea market – This club is a great one for your CV!

SBC Debate Society

Assisted by the Study Department, this is a great opportunity to practice clear thinking and reasoning, improve your English if this is your second language, and just have fun in stimulating company. Recommended for budding wheelers and dealers who want to hone their sales skills!

SBC ACC Cosplay Society

Incredibly popular in Japan, Cosplay club members become their favorite cartoon creations with costume and accessories to match.

SBC Sign Language Club

Learn to speak with your hands – China has its own version of sign language. Work with local deaf children and adults.  Communicate with your hands, and let the figures fly in the soundless sky…

SBC Football Club

Meets every Friday afternoon with a local league and matches against other universities planned for the future.  A great chance for staff and students to let off steam together with teams for all abilities.

SBC Badminton Society

The biggest club run by the Student Union with over 200 active members, but luckily not all playing at once!

SBC Touch Rugby

Learn Touch Rugby, the no-contact version of the sport – You don’t need to be 6 foot five and twenty stone, this is about fitness and having fun!  Spring training sessions planned.

Accommodation at SBC

“International House” is conveniently located beside the main gate on Fuxing Road and within 1 minute’s walking distance of both the SBC Library and Lecture Theatres. These recently renovated apartments have been installed with essential furniture and equipment, and each room comes with its own separate washbasin, shower, and lavatory. Internet connection is available and inexpensive. International House provides accommodation for students from overseas in a safe, clean and comfortable environment.

List of Programs for International Students

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