5 Scholarships Open for Application at IBS-Beijing Foreign Studies University

The International Business School of Beijing Foreign Studies University (IBS BFSU) is offering 5 types of scholarships for September 2021 intake.

The application time for BFSU scholarships is from last November to April of the year (varied for different countries). They are categorized into full scholarships and partial scholarships. Let’s take a look at each of the scholarships or request for more information here.

Scholarships at IBS BFSU

1. Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS)

Chinese Government Scholarship is established by the Ministry of Education of China in accordance with educational exchange agreements or understandings reached between the Chinese government and governments of other countries.

This scholarship is a full scholarship, covering tuition fees, accommodation, living allowance and comprehensive medical insurance.

2. Beijing Government Scholarship (BGS)

Beijing Government Scholarship (BGS) sponsored by Beijing Municipal Government, covers the tuition fees of international students, fully or partially.

3. Belt & Road Scholarship (BRS)

The Belt & Road Scholarship (BRS) is initiated by Beijing Municipal Government, and it covers partially of 1st year tuition fee of international students. The scholarship is preferentially awarded to the applicants who are not studying in China and from 64 countries along the Belt & Road.

– Bachelor students: up to CNY 20,000 of the 1st year tuition fee.
– Master students: up to CNY 30,000 of the 1st year tuition fee.

4. IBS Admission Scholarship

The IBS Admission Scholarship is set up by IBS BFSU, aiming to encourage and support excellent international students to pursue degrees at IBS BFSU. The scholarship is categorized into 10%-100% of the 1st year tuition fee.

5. Outstanding Students Scholarship

Awarded to senior students regarded as those who have successfully completed the 1st year of a degree course at IBS BFSU and are enrolled for subsequent years leading to a degree. It covers partially tuition fee of international students.

Required application materials

– Graduation certificate, degree, or diploma must be original documents or certified (notarized) copies either in Chinese or English.

– Official transcripts of your academic achievement up to the present. The transcripts must be original documents or certified (notarized) copies in Chinese or English.

– Proof of Language proficiency

Bachelor: IELTS 6/TOEFL IBT 79/TOEIC 750

Master: IELTS 6.5/TOEFL IBT 88/TOEIC800

– Two recommendation letters from your referees. The referees should be professors or persons who can assess you academically.

– A personal statement

– One photocopy of your valid passport

– Custody release form

– One photocopy of your Guardian’s passport


The International Business School at BFSU was established in 2001 and has developed into the most internationalized business school, with 1,200 Chinese students and 500 international students from over 80 countries studying together.

IBS BFSU offers an internationalized curriculum coupled with language study. The international program is instructed in English, no Mandarin required. Students will learn business and Mandarin simultaneously. Or, you may choose programs with instructed in Mandarin if you have sufficient language proficiency.

IBS is part of BFSU, a leading university in Beijing, traditionally specialising in training of Chinese ambassadors and diplomats. There are now more than 400 ambassadors or diplomats who have graduated from BFSU. Learn more about BFSU here.

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Deiaa Ahmed
Deiaa Ahmed
3 years ago

Are there fully funded scholarships available, please?

Christopher Mensah
Christopher Mensah
2 years ago

Please is there any scholarship for next year intake?

Ye Lin Aung
Ye Lin Aung
2 years ago

do we need only ielts or also hsk for undergraduate program for CSC and BGS fully funded scholarship ?

Savannah Billman
Savannah Billman
2 years ago
Reply to  Ye Lin Aung

You do not need the HSK if you’re applying for English-taught programs

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