How to Say You’re Welcome in Chinese

Living in China, there are some words we can pick up pretty quickly. Others, such as “you’re welcome”, may take a little longer to stick, especially when there are so many different phrases for it. Here are some of the top ways to say “you’re welcome” in Chinese:

1. 不客气

Bù kèqì
Don’t be polite

Older generations consider this the most gracious response to “thank you”. It is also the most neutral and appropriate for all situations, so you may wish to err on the side of caution. You may also hear similar variations, such as 不用客气 bùyòng kèqì and 别客气 bié kèqì.

You: Thank you for helping me clean up!
Ayi: 哎呀,不客气!


2. 不用谢

Bùyòng xiè
No need for thanks

This a casual way to reply to “thank you”. Despite literally saying right in the phrase “there is no need to thank me”, we recommend you still always say “thank you.” Our mommas raised us right!

You: Excuse me, where is the restroom?
Waiter: Right here.
You: Thank you!

3. 没事儿

Méi shìer
No problem

At the risk of sounding terse and short, we recommend saving this one for friends or people you are close with. You will also hear this phrase used in many contexts besides “you’re welcome”, so keep an ear out.

You: Thanks for giving me a ride!

4. 应该的

Yīnggāi de
It’s my duty

This is more situationally specific and is generally used when you are thanking someone for fulfilling an obligation.

Boss: Thank you for submitting those forms so quickly.

5. 不会

Bù huì

Though you will hear it on the Mainland, this response is popular in Taiwan. Supposedly, 不会 originates from the Taiwanese Min dialect.

Coworker: Thanks for holding the door.

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The next time you’re out, practice how to say the top ways to say “you’re welcome” in Chinese and let us know how it goes!

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