6 Best Reasons to Study at CLI

Learning Chinese is one of the best investments you can make for yourself. Knowing the language gives you better cultural insight, opens doors of business opportunities and helps advance your career. There has never been a better time to study Chinese than today.

The Chinese Language Institute (CLI) is one of the most reputable languages and cultural schools in China. Study at CLI, and experience personalized care and attention from pre-departure to your immersion in China. CLI will make sure that you have the best study-abroad experience there is.

Here are 6 best reasons to choose CLI as your destination to learn Chinese in China.

Why Study at CLI?

From study objectives to logistics to your well-being, CLI put forths an incredible amount of energy and expertise to provide you with the best experience while learning Chinese. Below are more reasons to study at CLI.

1. CLI customizes lessons according to your learning speed. 

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner, CLI has something in store for you. Studying Chinese is no simple task, so CLI simplifies and streamlines the entire process for students.

2. CLI is run by a core team of expert international educators.

At the heart of CLI’s excellent Chinese language services are competent and experienced international educators who put students first. CLI’s directors have a combined experience in China of over twenty years and they are fluent in Chinese. The directors hold master’s degrees from Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, and Guangxi Normal University.

3. CLI is located in Guilin – the perfect place to study Chinese. 

Guilin is one of the most beautiful cities in China. It has a perfect balance of the upbeat city life and the relaxed vibe of the countryside. Surrounded by vast terrains, magnificent rice terraces, mountains and greens, Guilin is a place conducive for learning.

While studying, students can enjoy Guilin’s rich culture, delicious southern cuisine, the slow-paced lifestyle and friendly people. Guilin is less populated compared to other Chinese cities.

4. CLI has a well-curated curriculum.

CLI developed a curriculum that will make learning Chinese easier and quicker. You can attend classes of up to 20 weekly hours of one-on-one language instruction, community-based learning environment with global and local integration, and options for full enrollment at CLI’s partner university, GXNU.

5. CLI has an extensive China network.

CLI has broad connections across cities in China. Since its founding in 2009, CLI has drawn on its extensive China network to organize academic and professional discussions and lectures with representatives from major Chinese corporations, government bureaus, and other key entities in China. Examples include GE China, MTV China, Amazon China, Peking University and Tsinghua University (widely considered China’s top two universities), to name a few.

CLI also organises lectures, meetings, seminars, talks, events, and activities at universities and government bureaus throughout China

6. CLI has forged deep local integration in Guilin.

CLI’s international and local teams have forged deep, meaningful relationships with countless individuals and organizations throughout the city of Guilin. With CLI’s extensive network and personalized assistance as a platform, students and visiting faculty have opportunities to explore every aspect of Chinese society.

In addition to all these, CLI has a strong alumni network and professional connections worldwide. CLI also has a 5-story Guilin Learning Centre that can accommodate students and provide them with a comfortable stay while in China.

Check out the video below for a 360 tour of the CLI centre.

Achieve Chinese fluency, immerse in the Chinese culture and understand China when you study at CLI.

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