Qingdao University Campus Living Contract

Detailed Regulations on Dormitory Management of International Students of Qingdao University

  1. Students should comply with daily schedule worked out by the university.
  2. Students should live in the designated room. Moving at will or forcible occupation of other rooms is not allowed. Before moving in, students should pay the deposit, check the items in the room and sign the lodging contract.
  3. Two students are required to share one room. If there is a vacancy, the student who occupies the room should share the room with another student within one week. If he/she refuses the arrangement, he/she will be fined. Those who want single rooms should apply in a written request ahead, If there are empty rooms, they can move in after being permitted and paying the fees.
  4. Male and female students without formal marriage relation are not allowed to live together in one room.
  5. Students should not accommodate other people including those who live off the campus. If family members or relatives come to visit and want to stay here, the students should first get permission from the administrative office, pay for room and then check in. Otherwise, the residence will be as illegal and the students will be punished.
  6. Students should against burglars and fires, Those who go our with large articles should register at the duty room.
  7. Those who are no longer the students of the university at the required time. Otherwise, the university will take back their rooms and deal with the articles left in the rooms.
  8. New students should live in the university dormitories for one year because they have to familiarize with the environment and local language. If applying to live off the campus, they should first get permission from the administrative office, then go to local police station to register there, pay up the accommodation fees, return their room keys to the room, and then move out.
  9. Students should clean their rooms and keep the surroundings clean. They should not pour water and throw rubbish from windows. They should not put leftovers into basins or toilets. And they should not stack articles in corridors.
  10. Students should not keep birds and domestic animals in rooms.
  11. Students should keep quiet in dormitories. They should not disturb others. For example, dance, make a loud noise or play music loudly. Students who violate this article will be given a warning and fine or further punishment according to the seriousness of the case.
  12. All the facilities and items in the dormitories are for residents’ use only and should not be contaminated, damaged, dismantled broken or removed from the dormitories; Otherwise, students have to pay for them. If there is something for reparation, students should fill in the reparation form and inform the staff.
  13. Students should not conduct activities that are against the law or regulations of the university. The dormitories are not allowed to be sublet or transferred.
  14. Students who have bicycles should park them at the required place. Bicycles should not be parked in the dormitory buildings.
  15. Students should not scribble or put posters on walls. The posters, publicity material are not allowed to be distributed, posted or exhibited on campus. Movie or videos are not allowed in public site without permission.
  16. Students should not change locks of the doors and duplicate keys by themselves. They should lock the doors and close the windows when going out. They should keep the certificates, valuables and cash carefully and save cash in banks. If burglaries occur, they should preserve the site and immediately inform the staff on duty.
  17. Students should save water and electricity. When the electricity and water system fails, they should rturn off all taps and switches so as to avoid accidents.
  18. To guarantee safety. Electrical heaters, stoves and cookers should not be used except at the required place.
  19. The electromagnetic stoves in the kitchens should only be used by the students who live on campus. Switch off the stoves after use.
  20. Students should be back before the curfew. Climbing over the walls or through the windows into the rooms is not allowed.
  21. Disorderly conducts in the dormitory building, such as shouting, fighting, creating disturbance after drinking beer or wine, gambling, drug taking and trafficking, and so on, are strictly prohibited.
  22. Students should observe the regulation on dormitory administration. The administrators and students are have the right to criticize and report those who break the regulation. Those who refuse the administration and make trouble willfully will get penalties such as a warning or more serious punishment according to the seriousness of the case.
  23. Students who want to borrow the keys of their own rooms should register at the duty office. If losing their keys, they should compensate according to the cost. Those who need to change locks will have to pay.
  24. Students who want to put up posters or notices should get permission from the International Students Affairs Office and put them up on the designated place.

Regulations on International Students Living off the Campus.

Generally, students should live on campus. Those who need to live off the campus should apply to the International Students Affairs Office and sign the contract to live off the campus.

The procedure to live off the campus:

  1. The students should first submit an application to the International Students Affairs Office. The application must include name, nationality, class, reason and the statement “I am willingly living off the campus. No matter what happens, the university will have nothing to do with it and I will be responsible for all the consequences.” The applicants should provide rental contracts.
  2. Then the students should go to the International Students Affairs Office and get and fill in the Registration Form of Accommodation off the campus for the International Students of Qingdao University and then sign the form.
  3. The students then should go to the local public security station and then go through the formalities for registration of temporary residence.
  4. The students then should go to the International Students Affairs Office and pay up the fees, check the items in the dormitory and return the keys.

Regulation on Dormitory Safety

  1. Burning anything in the buildings and smoking in bed are forbidden. Smoking is not allowed in any public place with no smoking signs. Cigarettes ends must be put out.
  2. When fire, leakage of electricity or gas happens in the dormitory or public places, students should immediately report to the duty office or teachers on duty.
  3. Fire-fighting equipment is not allowed to be removed.
  4. Any inflammable and explosive materials should not be stored in the dormitory. Fireworks or crackers are not allowed to be set off in the corridors or out of windows.
  5. A large amount of cash and valuables should not be kept in the dormitories. Students should lock the doors and windows when going out. If the keys are lost, report to the administrative office timely. The lock will be changed after you compensate is paid.
  6. The equipment that can easily cause a fire such as electric stoves, electric cookers, electric heaters, and gas stoves, are prohibited to be used in the dormitories. Students are not allowed to connect any electric wire in the dormitories or the corridors. Those who break the regulation will be punished.
  7. Students who leave for a long time for fieldwork or travel should cut off the power.
  8. Students, who cause fires will compensate for all the losses and, in grave case, will be prosecuted by the juridical department.

Regulations on the use of public Kitchens

The kitchens in the international students’ dormitory buildings provide convenience for the daily life of students. To prevent fire and accidents, the following regulations and stipulated:

  1. The electromagnetic stoves are public properly and should not be damaged or moved from the kitchens.
  2. The electromagnetic stoves should be used properly according to the correct procedures. Be sure to turn off the power after use. Disorder should be reported to the administrative office timely.
  3. Every students should keep the kitchens clean and tidy. Leftovers should not be littered or dumped in the basin. After cooking, personal articles should be taken out. Pans, bowls or plates should not be placed in the kitchens for a long time to disturb others use of the kitchen. Purposeful placement of personal articles will be dealt with by the staff.
  4. The kitchens are cleaned and maintained by the appointed staff. The kitchens are open from:7:30am—22:30pm

Regulations on Receiving Visitors in the International Students’ dormitory

  1. The time of receiving visitors: 9:00am—22:00pm
  2. All visitors should show valid credential. After the credentials are examined, they should register their names and put their credentials at the guards’. Before entering the student’s room, the visitors should be met by the visited students at the guards’. The visitors will get back their credential when leaving.
  3. Visitors without credentials or refuse to show the credentials will not be allowed in.
  4. Visitors should not stay overnight in the students’ dormitories. If visitors need to stay, related formalities should be gone through firstly. Stay without permission will be penalized.
  5. Students should follow the regulations for receiving visitors and ask their visitors to leave before 22:00. Students who violate the regulations above will be punished.

Regulations on International Students’ Vehicles

  1. Students should drive their bicycles or electric bicycles slowly at the campus.
  2. Vehicles should be orderly parked at the required places and should not be parked in the corridors.
  3. Students should take care of their vehicles. Those who buy new vehicles should go to the relevant departments to register and pay taxes.
  4. Students who buy second-hand bicycles or electric bicycles should ask the sellers for the receipt and change the name of the older in order to avoid unnecessary loss or trouble.
  5. Driving motorbikes, electric bicycles without licenses, or driving without a number plate, or driving on the wrong lane are behaviors against the laws. Students are not allowed to lend their motorbikes or electric bicycles to the people without licenses.
  6. The practice of driving motorbikes or electric bicycles at the campus is strictly forbidden.
  7. Drunk driving is strictly prohibited and will be severely punished.
  8. The speed of motor vehicles should not exceed 5km/hour on the campus.
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