Top Things to Do in Xiamen – Tips from an International Student at Xiamen University

Rafaela was born and raised in a coastal city in Portugal, so it’s not surprising how much she’s enjoying Xiamen. From the welcoming weather, scenic views, rich culture, delicious delicacies to the stunning sunset, Rafaela is loving every moment of her stay in Xiamen City.

Read about Rafaela’s detailed narration of her wonderful experiences and be inspired to visit the beautiful city of Xiamen in China.

Rafaela dos Santos Ferreira Lemos from Portugal
Undergraduate of Chinese Language
Overseas Education College

Xiamen, once known as Amoy, is a coastal city in southeast China and the biggest city in Fujian Province. Because of its location, it accommodates the perfect conditions to offer any visitor a wonderful time.

The best seasons to visit Xiamen are during autumn and spring. These seasons offer pleasant temperatures and the sun shines pretty much every day. Xiamen is rich in culture, therefore, it has a lot of different attractions, so it is hard to get bored in this city.

Visit the Xiamen University Campus, considered the most beautiful in China with scenic views and incredible architecture. Enjoy the sunset sauntering along the seaside and for dinner, go to one of the many streets to try the best street food that Xiamen has to offer.

Xiamen University

Xiamen is a city known for its fresh and delicious seafood. Zhongshan Road or Zengcuo’an village are both great choices to try the traditional dishes – Oyster Omelet and Sand Worm Jelly are a must. Or, wait until midnight to have a memorable experience joining the locals in a barbecue.

Visit Gulangyu, also known as Piano Island, just a ferry trip to the most attractive place for tourists in Xiamen. Another interesting place worth a visit is clearly the Art District. There is often live music, and a market selling hand-made souvenirs. Rent a bike and cycle on the recently built bicycle skyway. In between attractions, get lost in the quirky streets of Xiamen, talk with the friendly locals who will most probably welcome you with a warm smile and a dialect that will most definitely confuse you!

Rafaela enjoys the delicious food at Xiamen

As a girl born and raised in a coastal city in Portugal, it comes with no surprise that living in Xiamen has been a great experience. Because of its welcoming weather, it is possible to spend most of the time outdoors. In fact, it is from a coffee shop balcony while sipping an iced tea and getting distracted by a beautiful lake view, that I am writing this article.

People are incredibly healthy and active in Xiamen. Proving that, are the groups of ladies square dancing people jogging and doing Tai Chi, and families spending time together in the beautiful parks.

Xiamen is considered one of the cleanest and greenest cities, consequently, one of the best places to live in China. It is very affordable (compared to European cities), the weather is terrific, the food is delicious, and the people are friendly. I would recommend anyone to visit Xiamen.

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