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Studying Chinese has a reputation for being “extra challenging”. The truth is, it’s not as hard as you think. With the right program and tools, you can speak and write Chinese in no time.

Beijing Language and Culture University’s (BLCU) Quality Group Classes for Learning Chinese ensures that you never have to find yourself running into a brick wall every time you study Chinese. BLCU will provide you with an easy and smart way to master Chinese, so you can focus on enjoying the group class and appreciating the Chinese language instead of “working hard”.

Join BLCU’s online Chinese program now!

BLCU Quality Group Classes for Learning Chinese

For a group class to start at BLCU, there should be 5 to 9 students. You can pay first and wait for the rest of the other students. You can start self-study with the learning materials under the guidance of BLCU teachers while waiting.

If you prefer not to wait for other members, you can also choose the customized group class or one-on-one class. There are 8 levels of study at BLCU’s online Chinese program:

  • Beginners (zero basis)
  • Students who have mastered 130 words (HSK1)
  • Students who have mastered 260 words (HSK1+)
  • Students who have mastered 380 words (HSK2)
  • Students who have mastered 510 words (HSK2+)
  • Students who have mastered 600 words (HSK3)
  • Students who have mastered 850 words (HSK3+)
  • Students who have mastered 1350 words (HSK4)

After 5 students of the same level applied, the new class can open. Every class is 50 minutes long. Some of the program features of the online program include:

  • one placement test, live online
  • 12 weeks of study including 12 live classes, learning material, 12 homework
  • a final test
  • WeChat group discussion
  • Question-answering under the guidance of BLCU teachers after class

The tuition fee is 144 USD/student. Once you complete the program, you will be given a certificate and transcript from BLCU.

Check out the video below to see how classes are conducted:



As you can see in BLCU’s online class, you don’t memorize anything. BLCU believes that to learn Chinese, it is essential to study the meaning behind every Chinese character.

Here’s another video that you can watch!



4 Simple Reasons to Choose BLCU’s Online Chinese Program

  1. Personalised – tailor-made classes to suit your Chinese level and learning goals!
  2. High Quality – structured classes with professional BLCU teachers with over 7 years of training.
  3. Affordable – classes from 144 USD per student.
  4. Flexible – take Chinese classes whenever or wherever suits you, all you need is an internet connection.

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