MBBS In China for Indian Students

The rapid economic growth in China has attracted much global attention. As one of the fastest developing countries, it has attracted countries from all over the world to invest heavily in China. Such investment is what has caused China to develop in various industries including the medical, social, technological and economic sectors. As an Indian, why should you consider studying MBBS in China?

It is Affordable

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China has Universities that are cost friendly for students at both local and international levels. This is very advantageous for students enrolling for MBBS, considering that studying the course in other countries can be very costly tuition-wise, without including accommodation expenses and money for upkeep. Studying MBBS in China is cheaper by 70% than pursuing a similar course in U.S and Europe. The Ministry of Public Health of The Government of China has subsidized tuition fees to make education easily accessible to all including international students like you.

The cost of living in China is low. This makes it easy for you to live comfortably without financial strain and also to have enough to explore and have fun in the country.

Globally Recognized Institutions by MCI

The Embassy of India recently acknowledged China as one of the world’s preferred destinations for Indian Students to pursue higher learning especially for MBBS. The Medical Council of India also recommends some schools in China for the MBBS program for Indian students. This can be found on the website of the Medical Council of India (MCI)

Nanjing Medical University is one of the universities recommended for Indian students. It is located in Jiangsu province. A large number of Indians make up the population of international students in the university. The tuition fee is RMB 204,000 for 6 years. This amounts to approximately 22 lakhs.

Capital Medical University is also a good university that you should consider as an Indian student. It is located in Beijing. The tuition fee amounts to RMB 228,000 for 6 years which amounts to approximately 25 lakhs.

Susheela Sharma, a student in China, said, “I am telling you by experience, since I am studying here and there is no problem at all about the safety in this country. Even the medical universities are Government run and not private, so infrastructure and all other facilities to live are by far better than back home in India.”

Affordable Tuition Fee

The Medical Council of India (MCI) has approved and recommended some Universities and colleges that offer MBBS. The relatively cheap tuition fees of the MBBS universities in China is an outstanding opportunity for you to get world class education at an affordable price. It is also a wonderful opportunity for MBBS applicants who are willing to become physicians and doctors but could not get accepted in the Indian universities or for some reason, could not afford the expensive fees that are charged by private colleges that offer Medicine in India. The tuition fee in China approximately ranges from RMB 30,000 and RMB 50,000. Most universities have one intake per year but some have two intakes. These organizations are approved by prestigious bodies like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Healthcare Authorities of India.

Availability of Scholarships

Fortunately, you can get scholarships in Chinese Universities to help them finance your academics and ease your stay. There are four types of scholarships available for Indian students and also other international students from around the world. Namely:

  • CGS: Chinese Government Scholarship.
  • ES: Enterprise Scholarship.
  • US: University Scholarships.
  • CLGS: Chinese Local Government Scholarship.

Some of the Universities that are offering scholarships for MBBS in China are:

  • Capital Medical University- CGS, CLGS
  • Dalian Medical University- CGS, CLGS
  • Jilin University- CGS, CLGS
  • Xinjiang Medical University- CGS, CLGS, US
  • Jiangsu University- CGS, CLGS, US, ES

However, you need to meet some requirements before applying for the scholarship. They include:

  • You must be under 25yrs of age( or 30yrs in some cases)
  • You must not be of Chinese nationality
  • You must have HSSE certificates
  • You should at least score a minimum of 50% in the aptitude test.
Eligibility For Globally Recognized Medical Licensing Examinations

The World Health Organization (WHO) has listed in their “Directory of World Medical Schools” 52 medical public schools. They are under the supervision of the Chinese government and have been approved to enroll international students.

Students who attend any of the 52 universities are eligible to attend national medical screening tests such as USMLE, PLAB, AMC, MCI, PMDC, HPSCA, and SCHS among others.

Hospitals and clinics usually do not give jobs in their countries if you do not have a license to practice medicine in their country. In order to practice medicine in India you would still have to pass the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) to practice medicine in India.

Challenges of Studying MBBS in China

As an international student, chances of experiencing culture shock are very high. The changes in weather can bring about temporary illnesses and may take time for you to adjust.

You may experience language barrier especially if Chinese is not one of the languages you speak. This causes you to experience difficulty in communication with locals in places like shopping malls, and in the market among other places. To feel a bit comfortable, you can start learning basic things in Chinese including greetings, asking for directions and how to count among other things.

Differences in social mannerisms may be a bit hard to adjust and adapt to. The best way to get over culture shock may be to fully immerse yourself into the culture so as to adapt to it as fast as possible. Attitude plays a big role on determining how you will adapt. A positive attitude will help you make the best out of any challenges you face.

Although the course is taught in English, you will be required to learn Chinese and pass either HSK 3 or HSK 5. In some universities, some of the units in the MBBS program are conducted in Chinese.

If you are an Indian and you want to study MBBS, apply to China today! Your degree may just bring you opportunities you never thought you could ever get.

To get more information or advice about studying in China, register your interest and we will assist you.

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