“It’s always an adventure for us” Kate’s Story at University of Nottingham Ningbo China

Hello! My name is Kate, I’m from Sochi. This is my third year at UNNC and my major is “International relations”. It’s a wonderful place. You can meet amazing people, where you will get one of the best education in the world, as well as you have a chance to make a lot of friends, connections for your business or for your future. This is an incredible place where it is always interesting to live!

I’m from Russia 🙂

Привет! Меня зовут Катя, я из города Сочи. Это мой третий год в UNNC. Я учусь на третем курсе международных отношений с китайским. Я хочу сказать, что это прекрасное место. Вы можете встретить потрясающий людей, где вы получите одно из лучших образований в мире, где у вас есть шанс завести новые знакомства и связи для своего бизнеса или в целом, для жизни. Это замечательное место в котором всегда интересно жить!


Why did you choose UNNC?

UNNC for me is a perfect combination of British education which is still the best in the world.  The people said it to me a thousand times but China is the fastest developing economy so I decided to combine Chinese language, Chinese economy, my education and the British education system.

There is a huge increase in Russian students coming to study in China


Was it a good choice?

Yes.  I think this is the best choice I could have made because my parents really wanted me to study abroad so I’m really, really happy that I’m in China because I think I can get much more experience here than I think anywhere else.  I’m really happy.


What’s it like studying in China?

It’s always an adventure for myself because China…  I won’t lie, China is a really hard county to live in and it’s not always easy to study here in China so it’s always an adventure for me but I really love it.  

When you graduate you plan to go back to Russia?

I want to stay here for at least maybe 10 years.  I don’t know whether I’m going to do a Master’s right after I graduate because I want to get some experience maybe work in a company, there a few companies that I’m interested in and then I will find a more specific field that I want to work in in the future.  I’d be happy to do a Master’s then. And maybe after this I will go back to Russia or maybe somewhere else.

Skyscrapers in Ningbo

How is the program that you’re taking?

It’s great because most of my teachers are European.  This is really exciting. When I’m telling my friends who my teachers are because I say like, “Oh, this semester I had British, Scottish, Italian,” they say, “Oh, my god,” because in Russia they have only four old women who repeat the same stuff every single day but in this university we have a really different experience, different knowledge, background, accents as well—this is really valuable.

And also I love all our assessments because I love this combination of essays, presentations and exams because I think it’s more effective rather than just having tests at the end of each semester. This is really cool. This is a big part of why I love this university—assessment standards, different teachers.

You can watch the video of Kate and other students and professors on the video here:

What have you learnt from those professors?

I’ve learned a lot about European history actually especially this semester and last year because you focus more on Russian history which is really huge and interesting but at the same time European history, all the wars, conflicts, allies.  We started to do history I guess from the French Revolution, so this is really good, so I know a lot about European history and this is really interesting for me.

A huge part of my major is Chinese.  It’s really hard for me. I don’t know why people don’t understand when I speak Chinese but I try really hard and I know that I’m making really good progress.  I’m really happy that Chinese is part of my life and also part of my studies.


What do you think about Chinese people?

Most of my classmates are Chinese so I really love that.  This year I choose between group projects between foreigners and Chinese and I always choose Chinese because this is really responsible, people who are able to listen—they’re really hardworking and I really enjoy working with my Chinese classmates.

Chinese people are really kind to foreigners here, especially in smaller cities.  I just love them because they’re really kind to foreigners and they’re really responsible and really nice people.

How would you describe it in one word?


Unexpected because every single moment even if you just go out to grab some food outside, it’s always an adventure for us.  You don’t know where you’re going to end up next week, what will happen!


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