The Biggest Lesson Sara Learned While Studying at BFSU in China

Sara from Ghana is currently taking a Masters in International Business at Beijing Foreign Studies University-International Business School (BFSU-IBS). She shares her wonderful experiences at BFSU in this interview, including the biggest lesson she learned while living in China. 

Hi, please introduce yourself.

I’m Sara, from Ghana. Ghana Accra is our national capital. I am a Master’s in International Business student at BFSU.

Why did you choose to come to China?

I came to China because I wanted to move to a different country. I’ve lived in Ghana my whole life so I wanted to learn something new for my country, and also to learn about the culture of China.

Why did you choose BFSU?

I chose BFSU because when I read online, I noticed that it was one of the best schools in China, so I decided to come here and study. 

What’s the experience like then, about studying in China?

It was very fun because were are in a mixed class of Chinese students and international students. We did almost everything together – we go out to have lunch, dinner, and we share almost everything among ourselves.

What do you think of living in Beijing?

Beijing is a very nice place. The weather during winter is good for me because I can’t stand very cold weather. But in Beijing, it’s somehow better, compared to the other northern parts of China.

The people are very lively and friendly. In fact, on my first day in China, a stranger who knew both Chinese and English helped me get things done.

Beijing City, China’s capital
What’s one challenging thing you encountered in China?

I think the most challenging thing is moving in the morning. The subway is quite busy and it can be challenging when you want to go somewhere. There are also a lot of people and you get stuck, which is uncomfortable, but aside from that, everything is okay for me.

Have you traveled much around China?

I’ve been to Tianjin, Changchun, and Nanjing. These are the only places I’ve visited and I loved everything that I saw and experienced.

What do you think of food in Beijing?

I like Beijing Kaoya (Roast Duck) very much, it’s very tasty. I’ve been to many places in Beijing and I really like the food. Most of all, the people were friendly and lovely. They had no issues with Halal, they are very accepting of different cultures. 

Are there many Ghanaians in Beijing?

Yes, there are a lot.

How was your experience studying at Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU)?

BFSU was very interesting. All our professors were always ready in class. They helped us with everything that we were supposed to do. Everything was smooth for us, we didn’t face any challenges.

What’s the biggest thing you learned in China?

The biggest lesson I learned here is how to relate to people. As mentioned earlier, in my class we have international students from different countries and we have Chinese students. Everybody was so pleasant, I never felt different or out of place.

We were all friends, regardless of your country of origin or your skin color. I loved everyone in my class!

What do you plan to do in the future?

I intend to do my Ph.D. as well as open a business in China. I plan to export goods to Ghana and import goods from Ghana to China.

How would you describe China in one word?

China is a very great nation. When you walk in the night, you are safe and you will not be scared.  At any time in the night, you can get a cab to get home. I believe that China is one of the greatest I would say.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to students who want to study at BFSU?

If you are looking for a business school, BFSU-IBS is the best in China. The professors are beyond excellent. 

What would you say to other Ghanaians who are considering coming to China?

China and Africa have a good relationship. Traveling and studying in China gives you first-hand experience of Chinese culture and history. It’s far different when you just read the information on the internet. 

Sometimes, what we read online about China is not true. It’s best to come to Chia and see and hear things for yourself. With this, you will really know what China is all about and you can defend the country of misconceptions.

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