Interviews at University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus

China Admissions recently filmed a series of interviews at University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus.

Some photos of the interviews are below

University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus is a very unique University in China because it’s a completely British University in China.

The main building is an exact copy of University of Nottingham in UK.

There are 8,000 Chinese students at the University and it is becoming increasingly popular. As a result the entrance requirements are increasing each year. It is getting harder and harder to be accepted into UNNC and the students are getting smarter each intake.

The location is in Ningbo. Many foreigners haven’t heard of this city but it’s a huge city. With 8 Million people it is larger the London and it is also one of the largest shipping ports in the world.

It was an incredible experience interviewing students and teachers at UNNC and we could feel the warm community feeling of the University.

We look forward to releasing it soon.

Some photos are below:

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