5 Secrets to Writing High-Converting Sales Pages from Julien Sicard’s Webinar

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

I stared at this blank page for over an hour before I could write this introduction. If you ask why the answer is pretty simple – I want the article to be so engaging that it will get you hooked to read until the very end.

Writing a sales page is like writing an article’s introduction. You have to bring your pitch to life so you can push web visitors over the final step to conversion. But writing a sales page is not always easy (you realize that writer’s block is real).

You usually get stuck on the repeated cycle of editing, deleting, rewriting… until you see perfection!

An example of a good sales page.

If you’re going through this right now, I want to share the five secrets of how to write high-converting sales pages that I learned from Julien Sicard’s Webinar last Sunday, March 15. The webinar was hosted by the prestigious, Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Quit the “corporate tone” style of writing in your sales pages, and start writing powerful ones that will boost your revenue. Care to read until the end? ?

Who is Julien Sicard?

If you want to learn how to write high-converting sales pages, Julien Sicard is the guy to consult.

Julien wears many hats. He’s the Co-President of LinkedIn Local Shanghai and the CEO of Genius Encel, the leading expert in Asia when it comes to growing your business and generating quality leads using LinkedIn campaigns.

Julien is an avid LinkedIn user who helps companies in China to get new clients through LinkedIn by providing account management solutions. He has created numerous online courses, offline workshops, and conferences.

In addition to running Genius Encel, Julien is also a community leader for the most popular and active community in Shanghai: LinkedIn Local Shanghai, with more than 3000 members.

Since 2018, he has developed and refined campaign and lead generation systems which have been implemented for many clients across several industries. Julien has helped clients see a return on investment double or triple and often re-sign with Genius Encel for on-going or new projects and developments.

Get in touch with Julien and see what he’s up to in the following links:

5 Unique Tips on How to Write High-Converting Sales Pages by Julien Sicard

1. Target market

Who are we offering our products or services?

This is something that we have to think about before we start writing a sales page according to Julien. Knowing your target market serves as a starting point that will guide the whole course of a campaign.

2. Explain product benefits

When writing your sales page, it is essential that you highlight how your product/service can benefit your clients. Here are some strategies that you can do:

  • compliment
  • project how their life will be without and with your service/product
  • present figures – they are important
  • resolve a problem

Example: With my product, you’ll stop smoking in 15 days and add 10 years to your life.

Julien and I actually had a quick one-on-one about the benefits of China Admissions. I shared with him that China Admissions:

  • fast-tracks the application process;
  • increases an international student’s chance of getting accepted into a Chinese university and;
  • provides professional assistance from pre-departure to a student’s arrival in China.
3. The power of words

This is one of the most unique tips that I learned during the webinar. We’ve been wired to believe that it’s always best to apologize to a client than lose revenue. Although you take accountability for your faults, you also have to stay in authority when you deal with clients.

For instance, one webinar participant asked what to do with clients who haggle. Julien’s advice was to move on. Time is precious and if the client really saw value in your service, he/she will not hesitate to pay the price. In addition to staying in alpha mode, it is helpful to:

  • create a scarcity;
  • value time more than your lead and;
  • share your vision.
Use limited-time offer to create urgency.
4. Create your first landing page that sells with a case study

Write a hypnotic title that answers the what and why questions. Use an attention getter to draw your prospect from the start. No attention-getter means no attention. When you write, don’t forget to:

  • empathize – readers will pause if they feel like you are like them;
  • tell people what they want to hear – how would their life become if they buy?;
  • address their deepest desires – what do they want most in the world? and;
  • get them to say yes – an offer so compelling that they can never say no.
Being broke is a relatable experience. Everything about this sales page is attention-getting.

You can also use a verbatim statement or a benefit statement. Here’s an example of a verbatim statement:

“I was stuck in my 9 to 5 job, feeling so tired and unfulfilled until I started freelancing. Now, I have more time for myself and I can walk my dogs every day.”  

Here’s an example of a benefit statement:

“Enrolling to a Chinese university with assistance from China Admissions means you don’t have to go through the tedious application process, and you increase your chances of admission by 50%.” 

5. Make a hero box section and don’t forget to include testimonials!

What’s a hero box?

A hero box section is a prominent image, slider, text or similar placed above your homepage layout. It’s the protagonist of your sales page’s story. The purpose of this section is to be front and center in your visitor’s face. In addition to creating visual stimulation, it’s a focal point that will engage your readers.

Example of a hero box.

When writing your hero box section, be sure to:

  • relate to people your story, remember you are the hero
  • introduce yourself to the prospect  – how was your life before the big secret?
  • use storytelling

Last but not least are your testimonials. Testimonials are proof that your products/services are effective.

About Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)

Shanghai Jiatong University hosted the webinar in collaboration with Julien Sicard. In the webinar, SJTU also discussed the benefits of its brand new program, the Global Elite of Business Administration (EBA).

Shanghai Jiaotong is a leading international University based in Shanghai which is recognized and respected internationally and within China. SJTU attracts leading professors and students from all over China and the world.

The EBA Program was designed in 2019 and will be the most popular international training program and business platform in Shanghai.

With over 100+ topics, The EBA program will cover past, present and future trends of doing business in China. After completing a minimum number of 4 full day topics (24 hours) participants are eligible to be awarded the SJTU EBA Certificate.

Apply to the EBA program here.

One thing I learned about writing is you can never write the perfect piece, and it’s the same as writing a sales page. To know if your sales page converts, the best thing you can do is put it out!

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