How to prepare for the International English Test Written Section?

What is the International English Test?

The International English Test (IET) is an online test to evaluate international students’ English level. You can book the IET test here. The IET is made of two parts, the IET Speaking Test, and the IET Written test. Together they make the IET test.

It is officially recognised by Chinese universities and is accepted as an official evaluation of your English level. The IET test has been recognised by 100% of Chinese universities in 2020. In the case that it is not recognised we will offer you a full refund.

You can book the test within 2-7 days, the IET Speaking test only takes 15 minutes, together with the IET Written Test you will get the IET Test Certificate as below.

How to Prepare for the IET Speaking Test? 

You can read the instructions here.

How to Prepare for the IET Written Test? 

The International English Test Written Test is made of the following parts:
The IET Written Test is made of the following three parts:
– Reading – 2 Articles and Questions (40 minutes )
– Writing – 2 Essay Questions (40 minutes)
– Listening – 3 Sections, 16 questions – (30 minutes)

We currently do not have any practice test questions available for you. In order to prepare for the IET Written Test, we advise you to check similar English tests online such as from IELTS and TOEFL.

Order a Practice Test

You may order a practice IET test which will cost $99 USD. This can be a good idea to get some feedback on your English level, and

Order an IET Preparation Package

You can order an IET Preparation Package for $199 USD for starter for 5 hours of 1 on 1 preparation with a tutor,  $349 for 10 hours and and $699 for 20 hours. This includes the IET practice test.

Test Requirements

You are required to have an internet speed of 1mbps and you can check your internet speed here: If you do not have a fast enough speed, you will need to upgrade your internet plan, use mobile internet (if it is fast enough), or find a location with faster internet speed in your country. There will be no refunds based on internet connection problems.


The test is fully secure, with ID verification, and a live invigilator to be monitoring you whilst you take the test. You are not allowed to have anyone else in the room, and you will need to use a secure browser, and are not allowed to visit any other browser tab or use any other external resources (otherwise your test will be cancelled). Your keyboard, computer screen, and room will all be recorded.

How Many Times Can you Book the IET Test?

There is not currently a limit on the number of times you can book the IET test, but you need to wait at least 5 days until you can take it again.

How to Book the International English Test?

You can book an IET Test here.

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