Fudan University Application Guide 2024

Discover the vibrant academic environment at Fudan University, fostering student development and embracing a culture of freedom and progress. Known for its rich campus culture, Fudan embodies school spirit, academic diversity, and an open mindset.

With over 2000 lectures, numerous events, and a thriving student community, Fudan’s tradition extends beyond campus boundaries, impacting society.

As an international student, explore the unique Fudan spirit and get guidance from China Admissions for a successful 2024 application and enrollment.

Application Deadlines for Fudan 2024

The application deadline is on March 27, 2024.


  • College students above 18 years of age with sufficient English proficiency.
  • And the general state of the applicant’s health should be good enough for him/her to pursue the course of study at Fudan.

Application Documents for Fudan

  • Passport copy
  • Statement of Personal Financial Capacity or Financial Support
  • Bank Deposit Certificate
    minimum amount should be 100,000 RMB or equivalent foreign currency
  • Two recommendation letters
    Should be signed by the recommenders and should be original. Electronic signature is not accepted
  • ID photo
    a recent bareheaded and full-faced color photo with white or blue background
  • Visa/Residence Permit
  • High School Diploma (Graduation Certificate)
  • Original transcript
  • Transcripts of international exams (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL)

*All uploaded documents should be original or notarized copy in PDF or JPG format. If the documents with the same topic contain several pages, please merge all pages in one file in chronological order

cultural difference foreign and international students
Indonesian students at Fudan University.

Application Process

  1. Complete the required application documents
  2. Online application
  3. Pay the application fee (400 RMB / 57 USD for non-degree program and 800 RMB / 113 USD for degree program)
  4. Submit application materials
  5. Selection / Exam:
    1. Undergraduate Program — Fudan University Entrance Exam
    2. Graduate Program — Faculty Selection
    3. Non-degree Program — Faculty Selection
  6. Admission decision and offer
  7. Enrollment
Fudan University campus

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How to Apply

Learn more about the programs and apply to Fudan University through the links below. Or book a free call with us here.


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