News: XJTLU has launched four new programs for international students

Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, short XJTLU, offers four new programs for this year’s September 2018 intake. If you apply early you can increase your chances of a tuition discount of 10-20%.

About Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

XJTLU is jointly founded by Xi’an Jiaotong University, which is consistently ranked among the top 15 Chinese universities and the University of Liverpool from the UK. Upon graduation students will receive a degree from both China and the UK. The university is located in Suzhou not far from Shanghai and offers an international environment with excellent opportunities for internships and work experience. The university offers a big variety of programs and now offers four new programs that you can apply for. We have gathered all the relevant information for you.


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Bachelor’s in International Relations

This program aims to shape the entrepreneurial and managerial leaders of the future and focuses on Chinas growing socio-economic interactions with the rest of the world. Possible avenues for a career can involve government-related work, business and trade relations as well as international social mobility.

Tuition fee: 88,000 rmb (about $13,745 USD)

Study duration: 3-4 years

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Bachelor’s in Mechatronics and Robotics

Students on this program can learn and apply technologies in mechanical engineering, electronics, electrical engineering, control engineering and scientific computing. Mechatronics and Robotic Systems degrees have excellent career prospects. Many local, national, and international engineering companies hire students with a background in mechatronics and robotic systems for their well-rounded, multidisciplinary, and high-caliber engineering education.

Tuition fee: 88,00 rmb (about $13,745 USD)

Study duration: 3-4 years

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Master’s in China Studies

The Master of China Studies provides those in the program with in-depth knowledge of China’s history, politics, society and economy, in order to equip them with a more comprehensive understanding of China’s complex socio-economic system. Companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies working in diverse fields (technology, health, media, culture, and society) dealing with China or operating in China are demanding graduates with a comprehensive understanding of China’s past and present society, economy and politics.

Tuition fee: 90,000 rmb ( about $14,060 USD) in total for the whole program

Study duration: 18 months

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Master’s in Electrical Power and Energy Technology

The program contains taught courses covering solar converters, wind power systems, energy storage technology, and smart grids. It places strong emphasis on hands-on experience and practical skills development. Graduates have wide employment prospects in jobs such as electric power system engineers, electric power system consultants, electrical technology consultants, electric power project managers, sustainable cities and building design consultants, managers and team leaders in government.

Tuition fee: 90,000 rmb ( about $14,060 USD) in total for the whole program

Study duration: 18 months

See full program information

Didn’t find an interesting program?

You can find all of XJTLU’s programs here. In order to start your application, just visit the webpage of the program you are interested in and click the “Apply Now” button. Once you started your application click the “Continue To Contact Info” button and make sure to:

  1. Fill in all the required information
  2. Upload all relevant documents. If you are unsure what these documents are, or which documents are really relevant, make sure to read this article here.
  3. Submit your application

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