Chinese New Year is Coming – The Year of the Rabbit

The Spring Festival in China, also known as Chinese New Year, is a time of celebration and tradition. This year, the festival falls on January 22nd and marks the start of the Year of the Rabbit.

Chinese New Year – Pub Quiz

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About the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit

One of the most important aspects of the Spring Festival is the reuniting of families. Many Chinese people will travel long distances to be with their loved ones during this time. The festival is also a time for cleaning and decorating homes, as it is believed that doing so will bring good luck for the year ahead.

Chinese words about Chinese New Year

On the first day of the festival, it is traditional for families to gather together for a big meal. This meal typically includes dumplings, fish, and chicken, as well as various other dishes. Red envelopes filled with money, known as “hongbao,” are also often exchanged between family members as a symbol of good fortune.

In the days leading up to the Spring Festival, there are many cultural events and activities to participate in. These can include temple fairs, lion and dragon dances, and parades. Firecrackers are also a common sight during this time, as they are believed to ward off evil spirits.

One of the most iconic symbols of the Spring Festival is the Chinese zodiac, which is a 12-year cycle represented by 12 animals. This year, we are in the Year of the Rabbit, which is associated with traits such as intelligence, grace, and kindness. People born in the Year of the Rabbit are said to be lucky and are often thought to be good leaders.

There are many ways to greet others during the Spring Festival. Some common phrases include “xin nian kuai le,” which means “happy new year,” and “gong xi fa cai,” which means “congratulations on your prosperity.” It is also common to exchange gifts during this time, such as sweets and oranges, which are believed to bring good luck.

The Spring Festival is not just celebrated in China, but also in many other countries with large Chinese populations, such as Singapore, and Malaysia. It is also becoming increasingly popular in Western countries, with many cities hosting their own Chinese New Year celebrations.

Happy Chinese New Year

Here are some Chinese words that you can use to talk about Chinese New Year and wish people a happy Chinese New Year:

  • 新年 (xīn nián): new year
  • 过年 (guò nián): to celebrate the new year
  • 春节 (chūn jié): Chinese New Year
  • 除夕 (chú xī): New Year’s Eve
  • 拜年 (bài nián): to pay New Year’s visit to someone
  • 贺年 (hè nián): to wish someone a happy new year
  • 吉祥 (jí xiáng): auspicious, lucky
  • 幸福 (xìng fú): happiness, good fortune
  • 健康 (jiàn kāng): health
  • 快乐 (kuài lè): happiness
  • 恭喜发财 (gōng xǐ fā cái): “congratulations and prosperity” – a common phrase used to wish someone a happy new year and financial success

Chinese New Year – Pub Quiz

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In conclusion, the Spring Festival is a time of celebration, tradition, and family in China. From the delicious food and cultural events to the exchange of gifts and greetings, there are many aspects of this holiday that make it a special time of year. Whether you are in China or celebrating abroad, the Spring Festival is a unique and exciting way to ring in the new year.


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