Looking for Personalized Chinese Lessons? Study at the Chinese Language Institute (CLI) in Guilin City

The Chinese Language Institute (CLI) is one of the world’s leading China-based centers for language and cultural studies. Situated in the beautiful southern city of Guilin, CLI is an official partner of Guangxi Normal University.

What sets CLI apart from other Chinese language schools in China?

CLI is deeply rooted in the uncompromising goal to deliver quality Chinese lessons to students through meaningful and focused immersion. With its mission to help students learn Chinese the easy way, CLI provides personalized and well-curated Chinese language lessons based on the needs and learning level of every student.

Most of all, CLI provides a warm and friendly language learning community to students while encouraging them to immerse in the rich history and culture of Guilin City.

Choose from CLI’s Chinese language programs and immerse in Guilin’s rich history and culture!

3 Chinese Language Programs at CLI 

CLI delivers highly effective and intensive Mandarin classes both on-campus and online. Learn more about each program and what they offer.

1. Immersion Program

The Immersion Program is CLI’s core language learning track. Students can customize the academic terms of the program and enjoy the weekly Chinese cultural activities and travel excursions. Providing lessons for this program are three unique CLI instructors.

The Immersion Program covers all parts of the Chinese language such as reading, writing, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, etc. It is best for students who want to see quick results in their Chinese language skills.

The enrollment for this program is highly flexible which means you can start at any Monday of the year.

2. China Study Abroad

CLI’s Study Abroad Program is for students who want to obtain credit while experiencing and exploring China. In partnership with Guangxi Normal University (GXNU), students enrolled in the program attend English-taught classes in Chinese Economy, Politics, and Humanities at the university.

Students need to start their coursework during GXNU’s fall or spring semester. They also have to be enrolled for one academic semester. In addition to the coursework, students will attend between 3 and 10 weekly hours of one-on-one Chinese language training at CLI.

This is one of the best features of the Study Abroad Program. Students are able to experience what’s it like to study at an international university while gaining Chinese language training at a supportive community like CLI.


Behind the success of CLI are its professional teachers.
3. One-on-One Online Chinese Program

CLI’s one-on-one online Chinese program is perfect if you want to seamlessly continue your school and work commitments while learning Chinese. This program can help you learn Chinese fast through:

  • personalized Chinese lessons – ensures that your language level, learning pace, and personal requests are assessed to tailor-make a Chinese class that is perfectly suited to your needs;
  • professional Chinese teachers – enjoy one-on-one live instruction with a highly qualified, carefully selected native Mandarin instructors;
  • interactive online teaching methods – learn Chinese while having fun and;
  • flexible schedule – set up your weekly classes based on your personal scheduling availability.

Book a free trial class with CLI for this program anytime from 8 AM to 10 PM.

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Experience China Like Never Before with CLI’s China Seminars!

Every year, CLI partners with schools and organizations from around the world to organize and host unforgettable study excursions in China.

CLI has a team of experts from China who guide participants to remote countryside villages and let them experience how it is to live simply without modern amenities. During the excursion, CLI’s China experts will also touch on many subjects such as philosophy, business, history, political science, and environmental sustainability.

One of the best features of the program is students can create their own seminars. CLI will connect students to a China expert where they can start a conversation about their needs and interests as well as ask questions. They can then design their own itinerary.

About the Chinese Language Institute (CLI)

Founded in 2009 by brothers Robert and Bradford Fried, the Chinese Language Institute (CLI) aims to provide students a unique path to learning Chinese and understanding Chinese culture. With a combined 20 years of experience in China, Robert and Bradford developed an individualized educational platform that will help students learn the Chinese language fast.

CLI is home to a community of local and international educators. The institute is grounded by values of trust, openness, and putting students first. Educators at CLI are passionate about sharing the Chinese language and culture.

Learn more about CLI here.

CLI is truly a remarkable and one-of-a-kind language and culture institute in the market of Chinese language schools. CLI is for students who want the peace and quiet of the countryside while studying Chinese.

Study Chinese at CLI and start your journey in China with a school that will give you the best experience!

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