Learning Chinese – Words Essential in the New Chinese Waste Management Rules!

Have you heard about the new China waste management policy that took effect in Shanghai last July 1, 2019?

The Shanghai Household Waste Management Regulation was passed by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress on January 31, 2019.

This new China waste management effort set rules on how to sort household waste and restrict disposable items from restaurants and hotels in Shanghai. Government and public institutions are no exception to the regulation.

According to this China waste management effort, disposable items should be environment-friendly. You will pay fines of RMB 500–5000 if you fail to follow this rule.


Although the garbage sorting regulations started in Shanghai, compulsory implementation will probably begin in other cities in China, like Beijing or Xi’an.

So this week, I would like to talk about some words and expressions about garbage sorting, which is “垃圾分类(lājīfēnlèi)” in Chinese.

Now in Shanghai, you need to sort your garbage in 4 different classes:
  • 湿垃圾(shīlājī) household food waste
  • 干垃圾(gānlājī) residual waste
  • 可回收物(kěhuíshōuwù) recyclable waste
  • 有害垃圾(yǒuhàilājī) hazardous waste

According to local media, Shanghai has more than 24 million residents. For this reason, the metropolitan produces a staggering nine million metric tons of household waste annually.

All this waste poses a huge threat to Shanghai’s environment and the health of its citizens. It also hinders sustainable development.

Solid waste in Shanghai for 2015.

It might be a little complicated for a Shanghai citizen to do garbage sorting now but we only have one planet. We should protect our environment. 保护环境(bǎohùhuánjìng) protect the environment.

What do you think about garbage sorting?

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