China To Issue Visa For South Korean Students Early August

According to a report by Seoul-based news agency Yonhap News, South Koreans who have not been able to return to school or work in China because of the COVID-19 outbreak will be given visas very soon.

Speaking during a press conference in Beijing last Monday, 27th July was Korean ambassador to China Jang Ha-sung who said that Beijing has agreed to issue three kinds of visas: for South Korean students who were studying or plan to study in China, workers and residents who have a valid residence certificate. The visa issuance is expected to resume in early August.

South Korean student population is one of the largest in China. In fact, South Koreans enrolled in Chinese universities quadrupled in 2019 from 18,267 in 2003.

The South Korean embassy in Beijing is also discussing with the Chinese government to allow more flights between the two countries. This is done under the safeguard that both countries put measures in place to control the pandemic. South Korea will be the first country that China will be resuming visa issuance.

Will I be quarantined upon arriving in China? 

South Koreans who are planning to return to China must follow health protocols as set by both countries. Check out the step-by-step process below:

  1. Obtain a nucleic acid testing for COVID-19 at facilities designated by China in Korea five days before you depart to China.
  2. Submit test result to the Chinese embassy.
  3. Obtain a certificate that you are fit to travel.
  4. Upon arrival, submit yourself to the 14-day mandatory quarantine at accommodations (hotels) assigned to you by Chinese health authorities.

As a special note, if you are traveling to Beijing, they have a 7-day self-lockdown.

When will international students from other countries come to China?

As of now, there is no news of visa issuance in other countries. However, as China eases travel restrictions, this is a promising development for international students.

As the September 2020 intake is closing in, you are encouraged to submit your application materials in time for the deadlines. There are many universities that have extended their deadlines, while some continue to accept admissions.

If you can’t come to China because of entry bans, the first semester will be spent online. However, foreign students who are in China can attend regular classes at their university. In the event that you change your mind for September 2020, universities have flexible admissions policy and most of them will allow you to defer.

Start your application before the deadline!

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