China Business Cast: one of the first foreigners works for Chinese Government

Yahya Yuksel is an Alumni of Tsinghua LLM Program, after graduating from the LLM Program he went on to work for the Chinese Government in Foshan city attracting inbound investment.

He is actually one of the first foreigners to work directly for the Chinese government, wow!


Want to know how he did it?

Here is the episode content:

  • Tell us about your current job. I understand it’s pretty unique nowadays in China.
  • How do you get into this kind of position? Is it hard?
  • Do you know of similar positions in other cities?
  • Tell me about your team recent achievement with attracting foreign investments to Foshan?
  • How do you prevent from not being just the foreigner face in this kind of a job?
  • Does Foshan help startups as well? They don’t bring in a lot of money…
  • What benefits Foshan give to investors? There are many industrial parks in China with lots of benefits so you need pretty unique
  • What opportunities for getting government investments are there?
  • How long a typical deal would go. Chinese government are not known for being fast….
  • What would be the reasons for startups coming to Foshan? Which technology types?
  • What’s the best way to reach you?

Got interested? Listen to the answers to these questions here.

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