China Admissions’ Newest Tool – Free Eligibility Quiz For Students!

Save yourself time and effort (and disappointment) by taking China Admissions’ free eligibility quiz for students.

China Admissions’ eligibility quiz shows you which programs you are qualified to apply for. It’s so simple to use. Just answer some basic questions and get immediate results in minutes. Here’s a step-by-step run through on how our new tool works.

Step 1: Go to In the page, you will see the option to take the eligibility quiz on the upper left side of your screen.

Step 2: Click “let’s get started” and answer five basic questions. Some information we will ask include date of birth, English level proficiency, highest degree earned etc.

Step 3: To see your results, you have to enter your email address. You will then be redirected to our search page where you will see programs that you qualify for. You can also edit your input anytime.

Out of the 4,665 university programs, I qualify for 3,301. Know which programs you can enroll in now by taking our eligibility quiz!

Enrollment for 2021 intake in Chinese universities is going ahead as normal. Take the eligibility quiz and send your application as early as now.

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