China Global Education Services (CGES) becomes China Admissions

Changes. Most people don’t like them; they love building their routine and feeling comfortable following it, day after day, year after year; for them every change means a lot and it feels like the whole world is changing even when it’s not big.

But we are not that kind of people. We keep-calm-because-everything-changes-1accept the fact that world changes every minute, and that is why we exist, to help students to take advantage of an ever changing world, and today we announce we will make a change ourselves.

We are pleased to announce that CGES is now China Admissions.


Well, the first reason is it’s shorter, therefore it’s easier to say than (just try) China-Global-Education-Services, although when you say just CGES it’s quite smooth, BUT. China Admissions is so much easier to remember, right? Its simple, and it explains well what we do.

Second of all, as people start using short version of the name (CGES) it sometimes gets confusing for those who don’t know what CGES stands for. It’s not as obvious as we want it to be, not as obvious as China Admissions. 

And last but not least, it’s a needed change. CGES has developed since 2010 when the company just started helping students and had the first contract with CUPL. Five years since we were founded, we have gone from one University to almost 50 universities, hundreds of new students, and almost a thousand different programs. After five years we needed a new name and identity to embrace our next stage of growth.

FNMA-ChangesThe change is not only about the name, it’s also about the logo.

Have you paid attention to our logo? If I ask you right now to tell me what’s written there and what flags are on it, will you be able to remember?

It’s the name (China Global Education Services) and there are two flags above it: flag of the United Kingdom and of China. The reason why there is Chinese flag is pretty obvious, but why there is British one?

Well, it’s also quite obvious for those who’ve read about CGES. First of all, the founder of the company is British. Second of all, when Richard Coward founded CGES, he thought that most students who would ask CGES for guidance and help would be from UK, that he would work more with Britain, but with time it turned out that not only people from UK needed help with applying, but people all over the world. And now most students who use CGES are not from UK, there are students from hundreds of countries all over the world. From Germany to Greece, Russia to Riyadh, Tokyo to Tanzania and many other countries.

So China admissions needed a new logo, which would suit the new name and would reflect the reality of the company more accurately.

CGES-Logo-Study-in-China ➥ Before

China Admissions_Logo_Final Version (2) copy ➥ After

And, as you can see, there is the new name and there is a Chinese gate beside it, which symbolises the door we open for students who want to come to China. Why the red colour? Chinese people believe red colour brings luck, and luck is very important for new applicants, and we hope that this red colour will bring us and our customers lots of luck.

New name, new logo, new vision.

With this change we are also expanding to more Universities and offering additional services to help students better. We will let you know more information in the coming days and weeks, check back for more updates.

It’s not a small change and at first it might be slightly confusing, but we hope that our customers will approve of it. And we are sure this change will inspire us to help more students, to cooperate with more universities, to offer more programs and more services. To grow bigger, to develop faster, and keep up the good work. 😉

Our previous domain was and now it is Before students would contact us at, now our services are available at

We are expecting a smooth transfer but if you come across any issues with our website please report them to us at so we can fix them.

Thank you for your continued support.

Shynar from Kazakhstan, studied at Beijing Language and Culture University.
Shynar Shinibekova

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