*NEWS* MBA Program at CEIBS Shoots Up in Rankings

CEIBS European VP Dipak Jain at the MBA FT Ranking Celebration
CEIBS European VP Dipak Jain at the MBA FT Ranking Celebration

CEIBS is one of the recognized universities and China that offers world-class education programs. Among them is the MBA program that has caught the attention of the international community due to its rise in rank over the past few years. Know more about the MBA program offered at the university and some of the factors that have contributed to its rise in world ranking.


China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) prides itself as China’s mainland leading business school. It was established on 8th November 1994, in Shanghai. The school is a product of a joint venture between China through the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation (MOFTEC-now called The Ministry of Commerce) and the European Commission. Since its establishment, CEIBS has grown through lips and bounds and currently has its campuses in Beijing, Shenzhen, Africa and Zurich. Its headquarters are located in Shanghai. Among the major management programs offered by CIEBS include MBA and Pre-MBA.

Why do your MBA/Pre-MBA in CEIBS?

1. Best in Ranking

CIEBS is celebrated among the best business schools offering management courses in Asia and the world. According to the Financial Times categorization, its MBA program has been celebrated as the best in Asia two times consecutively and ranks fifth worldwide, riding high with other top universities such as Stanford, Harvard, INSEAD and Wharton. Nonetheless, FT ranking is considered one of the world’s extremely thorough and highly authoritative classification of business schools in the world.

Within the past three years, CEIBS MBA program has steadily scaled through the ladders of success. In the year 2017 it was ranked 11th best globally according to FT. In 2018, it climbed to position 8 and in 2019 it claimed position 5 in the best MBA program in the world. In 2019, it has seen two of CEIBS programs appear in the top 5 FT list: MBA ranks 5th best in full-time MBA in the world and CEIBS Global EMBA ranks number 5 in EMBA globally.

About the school’s success, the CEIBS President Professor Li Mingjun states that “This is a historic and very significant milestone for us and a very good way to start our celebration of the school’s 25th anniversary.” He further contends that “It is remarkable what CEIBS has achieved in just 25 years since it was jointly established by the Chinese government and the European Union. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of the entire school, CEIBS’ outstanding achievements in recent years are in sharp contrast to widespread concerns about the slowdown of the Chinese economy and trade tensions between China and the US.” This is a clear projection that CEIBS is focused on becoming the best MBA offering school in the world.

2. The Faculty

A Faculty Member at CEIBS
A Faculty Member at CEIBS

Behind the success of the CEIBS MBA lies a highly competent and diversified faculty. The faculty consists of world-class professionals who provide a rich source of international experience in professional management and practices. CEIBS has been ranked by the FT among the top 10 schools in terms of its internationally diverse faculty. 92 articles of the school’s faculty have been published in top journals between 2016 and 2018.

Additionally, most members of the faculty have a wide experience due to teaching in world renowned business schools before joining CEIBS. A big portion of the teams instruct senior executives through CEIBS EMBA and EE (Executive Education) programs, a practice that has entrenched the culture of faculty research and placed them ahead of dynamic changes in corporate practices. The faculty is ranked at 100% in terms of doctorates by the FT, and 69% in the field of research.

3. High Employment Rate

Being an alumnus of CEIBS MBA grants you high chances of getting employment globally. This is credited to the effort of the school’s Career Development Centre (CDC) and the authority that its brand commands in the business community. A whopping 93% of the graduates were employed only three months after their graduation, ranking the highest among the top 5 business schools globally. Additionally, the alumni enjoys a 183% salary increase which also ranks highest among the top five schools.

The CEIBS MBA program is tailored to place the students in a better place in their career and the job market. The Associate Dean and MBA Director Professor Juan Antonio Fernandez agree that “The CEIBS MBA offers an excellent return on the investment our students make in their future. We continue to improve the level of support we provide to ensure that they emerge from our programme better positioned to move ahead in their careers.” In a move to place their MBA students abreast of the trends that will impact their careers, the school offers 22 electives that focus on digital or innovation related topics. This is in response to changes in the manner in which the world does commerce.

CEIBS Summer Pre-MBA Boot Camp
Participants in the CEIBS Pre-MBA Summer Boot Camp Program
Participants in the CEIBS Pre-MBA Summer Boot Camp Program

The program has been existent for seven years. Its major aim is to introduce the participant to the core CEIBS MBA program. It runs for 5 consecutive days at the CEIBS Headquarters in Shanghai, China. It provides the best experience to both local and international students to interact with each other and get a glimpse of what goes down at the CEIBS MBA.

Among the major advantages of attending the boot camp is that BISFKit gives the participant an opportunity to be in Shanghai for one week and experience China and CEIBS MBA curriculum. The boot camp is open but it is limited in the number of participants to both Chinese and International student who intend to do an MBA in the near future. To qualify, you must either be currently enrolled or have graduated from an accredited undergraduate university program anywhere in the world, preferably with a minimum of one year of work experience.

MBA program

CEIBS invites everyone to its full-time 18-month MBA program conducted in English. It is tailored to develop professionals with strong career aspirations, promising managerial potential, and a clear international orientation for post-graduation roles as global business thought leaders. The major aims of the program are to: enhance the scholars’ ability to identify and utilize gaps in the business field, provide solutions for complex business programs, motivate people and develop successful organizations. The greatest focus of the program is to develop the student’s leadership quality, professionalism, sense of social responsibility, cross-cultural competence, and entrepreneurial culture.

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