CEIBS MBA Insight: The China Module

The CEIBS MBA is based in Shanghai, but Shanghai is quite unique compared to other cities in China. It is one of the most cosmopolitan cities and has the largest international community (of over 200,000 expats). The city’s economy is very diversified and is China’s leading international economic, financial, and trade center.

With the large size of China, and may differences between regions, it is important to understand the different parts and different cities of China.

This is incorporated into the CEIBS MBA through the Real Situation Learning Method The RSLM brings case studies to life through a mix of theory and practice with companies – visiting and speaking with executives.

The China Module

Nanjing China Module: The Globalisation of Chinese Companies

“This module is aimed to help students to develop a better understanding of the globalisation of private Chinese companies. In this module, we will interact with companies in Jiangsu province, primarily Nanjing but also in the city of Kunshan, that have begun the process of internationalisation. We will consider the opportunities and challenges that Chinese companies experience in this process, including when they acquire overseas companies. From a career perspective, the globalisation of these companies creates new opportunities for global talent to join their international market operations. Thus companies like the ones we will visit are potential employers, especially for international MBA students from CEIBS.”

Gobi China Module: Leadership in Action

“Over the course of the 88km trek through the Gobi Desert, MBA students will learn how to lead a team in the face of adversity and uncertainty. Focusing on leadership in action, students will spend five  days tackling gruelling terrain with their EMBA counterparts to enhance their crisis leadership skills, empower team collaboration, and discover their ‘blind’ and potential selves through self-reflection and team feedback activities.”

Shenzhen China Module: The Rise of a Global Innovation Hub

“As one of the best examples of China’s economic miracle, Shenzhen is THE place to explore the secrets of China’s success as well as catch a glimpse into the future. Using the RSLM, we integrate both theory and practice, taking MBAs from the academic rigours of our Shenzhen Campus to real life interactions with some of the brightest minds making an impact in Shenzhen. The first takeaway is ‘transformation’, a discussion on how the traditional electronics market ‘Huaqiangbei’ has reinvented itself to keep up with China’s rapid development. The second takeaway is ‘innovation’ as we visit start-ups, accelerators and VCs in order to understand Shenzhen’s unique ecosystem.”

Ningbo China Module: Family Business and Succession

“The Ningbo China Module is an experiential learning opportunity designed to address issues related to family business: succession, transformation, intergenerational communication, conflict, family governance and family wealth management. Given the impressive number of high-profile family businesses that have developed in Ningbo, the module leveraged the CEIBS Real Situation Learning Method™ (RSLM), combined with a series of lectures, company visits and role plays, to support MBAs planning to one day take over the family business.”

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What students say about the CEIBS MBA China module

“Many international students come to CEIBS looking for an opportunity to take part in the rapid expansion and globalisation many Chinese companies are currently going through. The Nanjing module was perfect way for international students at CEIBS to gain hands-on experience learning about what Chinese firms can gain from internationalising, the different strategies these firms employ to go abroad, and how these firms use internationalisation to gain a competitive advantage both at home as well as overseas. After completing this module, CEIBS international students will be much more prepared to take on jobs at growing Chinese companies and to aid them with their international expansion.” Michael Keim MBA 2020

“I really enjoyed the Ningbo China Module. It was the best experience I’ve had at CEIBS outside of the classroom. The company visits and talks with executives deepened my understanding of family succession and business transformation issues.  I will definitely apply what I learned to my personal situation. The strong sense of family tradition and spirit of commitment demonstrated by each generation of the families we met left a lasting impression on me.” Chloe Li MBA 2019

“The Ningbo China Module was a truly valuable experience for me to thoroughly explore the family business succession journey. However, what impressed me the most was the transformation achieved by the first and second generations of entrepreneurs. I came away with an understanding that a spirit of resilience and commitment to family values are crucial for success in China.” Janice Kuo MBA 2019

“This short module provided students with the opportunity to experience the meteoritic development of Shenzhen.  While on location we visited a number of companies paramount to turning this small fishing town into one of China’s fastest growing cities.  Daily lectures helped solidify strategic theory with real world application as students interacted with local entrepreneurs, providing them with potential business solutions for continued growth.  For those seeking China Depth, I would encourage enrolling in this module.” Shawn Luehrsen MBA 2019

“The three-day module offered me a unique and inspiring learning experience in Shenzhen, one of the most innovative and dynamic cities in mainland China. It allowed us the opportunity to study the latest innovation cases while exchanging views with local entrepreneurs and venture capitalists – a great learning journey of innovation theory and practice.” Rex Zhang MBA 2019


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