New Program Launched: Alibaba Global Digital Talent – Entrepreneur Program

We are pleased to share the news about this amazing new program.

The Alibaba Global Digital Talent – Lite Entrepreneur Program is a new program targeting international students, recent graduates and/or early stage founders who want to build and develop their own a global digital business.

Create Borderless Brands

In the era of digital economy, more and more Chinese-made brands are going international. Through the Alibaba program, you will learn how to: 

  • Grasp the light of entrepreneurship in the digital economy era
  • Create a global company
  • Form an international team
  • Become a “digital brand founder”

Why study the Alibaba GDT Entrepreneur Program?

  • Entrepreneurship simplified
    Learn the simple steps to find and evaluate business opportunities, to build a successful cross border e-commerce business, and how to scale up digital marketing
  • Supply Chain Connections
    Get connected to China’s supply rich chain resources
  • Training from Industry Experts
    Receive coaching from experts in cross-border e-commerce and digital marketing
  • Certified by Alibaba GDT
    Upon completing the program, receive an Alibaba GDT certificate

Program details

  • Project duration: 13-16 weeks in total (1-3 hours of lessons per week, 1 hour of tutoring)
  • Project teaching language: English
  • Teaching and tutoring method: Online
  • Price: 38,000 RMB/team (no application fee for registration)
  • Start date: Rolling 

About the Program

To assist you take the first steps towards a successful, born-to-be-global brand, we have prepared an experience that consists of the following elements:

Master classes, live Q&A, interviews: Learn from experienced practioners for insights, and most importantly, start to develop the mindset of a digital entrepreneur. 

Simulation platform: Get down the nitty gritties of Cross-border eCommerce like product selection, logistics, taxes, marketing, and more, and develop a holistic view of business.

GDT buddy: Entrepreneurship can be hard, but you don’t have to go through it alone! GDT buddy is here to accompany your jounry and always ready to lend a hand.

Group & Individual coaching: Got a problem Google can’t answer? We got you! Receive guidance and advice from those that have been in your shoes.

Workshop: Present your progress to the cohort and industry experts and prepare for the most straighforward comments!  Make use of the peer learning opportunities and get trained up for the final pitch to investors.

Pitch to Investors: Investors speak a different language. Master the art of leveraging capital to scale up your business.

About Alibaba Global Digital Talent (GDT)

Alibaba GDT Network is part of Alibaba’s mission to make it easy to do business anywhere. By tapping into the resources and best practices from the Alibaba Group ecosystem worldwide, the initiative aims to promote digital transformation and inclusive development through education and to develop young entrepreneurs and digital talents.

Alibaba Global Digital Talent Schedule 

Please register below and we will send you the full schedule by wechat.

Program Tutors/Mentors

Yongmou Gong: Alibaba Group Business Development Expert

Yong Zhou:
Secretary General of Alibaba Global Digital Economy Education Alliance; Internet/International Education Serial Entrepreneur

Andy Nguyen:
Social media and e-commerce digital marketing expert;Brand strategy planner of well-known digital marketing company

Rick Louie:
Dropshipper with annual sales of over 30 million RMB ($4.6 Million USD)

Roberto Garza
:GDT project American student, dropshipper who reached a revenue of 800,000 RMB per month ($1.2 Million USD) after starting from scratch in 6 months.

Xiang Ji
: Founder and CEO of Tik Tok MCN agency, Chi Jing Wang Network


  • Open to international students or those with international student experience.
  • Have a strong interest in Chinese brands going overseas.
  • Strong willingness and firm belief to complete the digital transformation and upgrade of entrepreneurial projects/family businesses
  • Ability to build an international team – before the start of the project, the founder needs to form an international team with 3 to 5 students (Chinese students + local foreign students).

Registration process

1. Submit application form.

2. After passing the preliminary review, there will be an online interview with Alibaba tutors.

3. After passing the interview, you will receive a formal admission notice.

How to apply

Complete the form below.

  • Why do you want to apply to this program? What do you hope to get out of the program?
  • Please be specific, eg., what do you want to do in the future? Launch a business in China? or get a job? Or something else

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