5 Ways Studying Business at AEBS Will Transform Your Life

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For ambitious business leaders and students with a desire for international experience, there is no better location to study that Asia Europe Business School (AEBS) in 2022.

AEBS offers programs at the Bachelors and Masters levels for students with an eye to global business administration. How will studying at AEBS transform your 2022 and open your future to incredible possibilities? Here are the top four reasons AEBS programs are rated among the top in the world!

1. International experience combining China and France

You don’t need to miss out on an international standard and global experience in your business education. From the classic beauty and world-defining cultural movements of Lyon, France to the modern metropolis and astonishing advances of Shanghai, China, you really can have it all. 

Combining the best of both worlds, AEBS unifies Chinese and French teaching traditions and business strategies. Students receive an education that prepares them for the realities of an interconnected business world, network with colleagues and mentors that span the globe, and be well prepared to deepen China-Europe and China-world market connections. 

2. Convenient and Business-focused campus

Asia Europe Business School is located in Zizhu International Education Park,  Minhang District of Shanghai where there are large numbers of Chinese-foreign cooperation (or international) projects and institutions stationed, including the surrounding Intel, Microsoft, HP and many other domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises; adjacent to the Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the East China Normal University, the Park is equipped with student apartments, canteens, and other living facilities, providing an international standard of living.

Students at AEBS have convenient access to all these living services, as well as easy commutes to globally renowned companies–perfect for internships, finding mentors, or future careers.

3. Join A Global Alumni Network

AEBS fosters a strong network of students from different countries with diverse experiences, but all unified in their passion and ambition to transform the world of international business. Here is what some AEBS students have to say:

study business at AEBS

4. Exclusive Enterprise mentor system

It’s common for business schools to offer mentorship programs for students. But AEBS goes one step further in providing for their students. With the Enterprise mentor system, students are equipped with both an academic mentor and enterprise mentor. AEBS recognizes that students need different skills to succeed in the classroom and in their career, so having a mentor at each important stage is an essential way to help students link their school and workplace. This unique program will help students establish early career awareness at the school learning stage and prepare the knowledge and skills needed for career development.

5. Dual Degree Programs

If you want to get the most out of your business education, AEBS offers two programs that provide dual degrees–basically, getting two university degrees for the price of one!

Double Degree Master’s Program in International Business (Global Management and China Studies)

This two-year program is an incredible opportunity to advance your career, taking you from China to France and giving you experience in three languages–Chinese, English, and French. The Double Degree combines the education resources of China and France to build professional talents with solid and broad economic management theories, knowledge, and innovative thinking, who understand the economic, social, political and cultural impact of China and other Asian countries.

Other features include:

  • Triple international accreditation: AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA
  • Various internships opportunities in China and France
  • Merit-based scholarships available
  • Digital and blended learning, project-based learning
  • Two degrees from emlyon business school and East China Normal University

emlyon business school in

Joint Degree Program in High-end Brand Management (BBA + HEBM)

The MSc in High-end Brand Management (HEBM) Program is intended for potential top-level managers capable of assuming leading positions in international high-end companies. It is designed to grow a new generation of leading marketing and branding specialists, who are sensitive to the special requirements of the high-end industry and who acquired the strategic and analytical skills to successfully guide companies in the high-end cultural & creative industries, especially European/Western high-end brands with operations in China as well as Chinese high-end brands.

Other features include:

  • Two degrees from East China Normal University and emlyon business school
  • Study and work experience in China and France

Tuition at AEBS

Here is the fee structure for AEBS in the 2022 Intake:

  • Double Degree Bachelor of Business Administration (2+2 Pathway 4 years)
    CNY54000*4 + EUR13500*2
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
    CNY54000*4 years
  • Double Degree Master in International Business (2 years)
    CNY84000*2 + EUR17500
  • Master in International Business (Global Management and China Studies)
    CNY84000*2 years
  • Master in International Business (Technology and Innovation Management)
    CNY84000*2 years
  • Bachelor of Business Administration + Master in High-End Brand Management (5 years)
    CNY54000*4 + EUR17500

Find a Program at AEBS

Still not convinced about studying at Asia Europe Business School? Check out their programs below for deadlines, eligibility requirements, and more!

Savannah Billman has a master's degree in Chinese Law and Society at the Yenching Academy of Peking University. She holds a B.A. from NYU Shanghai and has also written for The World of Chinese, TechNode, SupChina, and Sixth Tone.
Savannah Billman

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