3 Popular Sunny Holiday Spots For Chinese New Year

Over the Chinese New Year holiday, schools and businesses are closed to give everyone a much-needed few weeks of holiday vacation. Since the holiday is a family-oriented holiday, many Chinese people will return to their hometown or visit nearby relatives. But for international students and workers, it is the perfect time to escape the winter cold and settle down on a beach or other warm location in popular holiday spots for Chinese New Year.

These popular sunny holiday spots for Chinese New Year are some of the most popular travel destinations in China. With beautiful sights, perfect weather, nature, and more, add these to your travel bucket list in 2022!

Sanya, Hainan Island

Known as the “Hawaii of China,” Sanya is the most popular destination for travelers who want a beachy destination! The island is well known for its luxury resorts, sparkling blue waters, and idyllic lifestyle. Year-round, Sanya has perfect temperatures between 20-30 degrees Celcius (70-85 degrees Fahrenheit).

Aside from beaches and pools, Hainan Island is also known for its unique food and cuisine. Wenchang Chicken is a popular dish that you can eat across China, which is cold chicken cutlets often served with rice, cucumber, and sauce. Hele Crab is also quite famous. It tastes best if steamed and accompanied with ginger together with vinegar.

holiday spots for Chinese New Year

Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park, with stunning natural hiking trails, Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Park, and The Lost Chambers Aquarium are popular destinations on the island if you take a break from beach tanning.

Dali, Yunnan Province

With a peaceful vibe, historic buildings, and a culturally diverse population, Dali is a colorful and hip place to enjoy a holiday in warm weather. Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake are the two most famous attractions in Dali. In addition, Dali has many ancient towns, villages, and enjoyable outdoor activities.

If you enjoy natural vistas, hiking, Chinese culture, and a laid-back holiday, Dali might just be the perfect destination for you this winter.

Yunnan Cuisine is famous across China for having unique bold and tropical flavors not to be found anywhere else. If you visit Dali, you will enjoy delicious flavors like mint, lemongrass, tangy and sweet vinegars, fresh fruits and herbs, chilis, and more. Famous dishes include steam pot chicken, Dali earthen pot fish, ghost chicken, and flower cake.

Guilin, Guangxi Province

Featured on the 20 RMB dollar bill, Guilin is famous across China for its magical mountains, rural lifestyle, and stunning natural vistas. Take a bike or boat ride around the peaceful scenery of Guilin and leave your cares behind:

Did you know Guilin is a perfect destination to study Chinese? The Chinese Language Institute (CLI) is in Guilin and teaches Chinese at every level with the chance to explore the city of Guilin and hike the gorgeous trails.

Chinese Language Institute (CLI)

Visitors can cruise down the Li River, visit the Longji Rice Terraces, climb Xianggong Mountain, and visit Yangshou West Street. Guilin has a diverse cultural history and plenty of foreign influence, so you are sure to find things you like to do and eat there! Guilin Rice Noodles, Stewed duck with gingko, fried beef with bamboo shoot and steamed, and Guilin Chili Sauce are dishes and flavors to try.

Visit Guilin AND improve your Chinese at the same time with The Chinese Language Institute!

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