2018 China Admissions Review From the CEO

Our CEO Richard Coward spoke recently at the China Conference of Education in Beijing.

2018 has been a year of rapid growth for foreign students coming to China. It is expected that China has hit the target of 500,000 foreign students by 2020 two years early.

The Market Review

There are a number of trends that we are seeing in the education market.

-> More students are choosing second and third tier cities. In 2010 when we started helping students, the majority of the students were studying in Beijing or Shanghai. There is now a much larger number going to second and third tier cities and we expect this trend to continue.

-> The second main trend is that more and more students are coming to study degree programs.

-> The third main trend is the rapid increase in quality of Chinese Universities.

-> The fourth main trend is that more and more students are interested to study in China in Chinese.

Hitting the target, we expect to see a new era of studying abroad in China. As more and more students choose to study in China from all over the world.

China’s economy continues to develop in technology and we are also continuing to upgrade our service to help support foreign students and Chinese Universities.

China Admissions Support

To further support foreign students to study in China we are continuing to upgrade our support systems. We currently offer customer support 7 days a week 9-6, and we are going gradually expanding our support to offer late night customer service to service students at different time zones.

After you apply you will receive your own personal enrolments officer who will assist you with your application and keep following up. More details on our application process is available here.

We welcome all students to leave us feedback so we can continually improve our service. Students are also free to contact the CEO Richard Coward directly at rich at china-admissions.com, on wechat: richyingjie or on linkedin.

We hope we can help your dreams come true!

Founder and CEO at China Admissions. Originally from UK🇬🇧, based in Beijing. Studied at Peking University & BLCU. Preparing for HSK 6. Hope we can help more talented international students have the same amazing experiences and opportunities that I have had
Richard Coward

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