Introduction to Wuhan University of Technology

Wuhan University of Technology is one of the leading Chinese universities accredited by the Ministry of Education and one of the universities constructed in priority by the “State Project 211” for Chinese higher education institutions. WHUT was merged on May 27th 2000, from the former Wuhan University of Technology (established in 1948), Wuhan Transportation University (established in 1946) and Wuhan Automotive Polytechnic University (established in 1958).

About Wuhan University of Technology

Inheriting the history and culture of the former three universities, WHUT insists on the guiding principle of “take the students cultivation as our essence, and take academic development as our priority”, while with the practice of over 60 years in student’s education, WHUT has forged the spirit of the university as “Sound in Morality, Broad in Learning and Pursuing Excellence”.

Wuhan University of Technology has established programs with over 100 universities and research institutes world-wide. Furthermore, the university has invited distinguished scholars from all over the world to hold lecture and has made more than 200 of them guest or honorary professors.

In recent 5 years, WHUT has obtained over 3 billion Yuan of funding from government and industrial sectors for high-tech research and development, and won 12 National Science and Technology Awards, for which WHUT ranked the 9th in 2010, the 8th in 2011, the 13th in 2012, the 27th in 2013 and the 6th in 2014 among all the Chinese higher educational institutions.

About School of International Education

The School of International Education, as one of the Wuhan University of Technology’s 23 schools, was established in July 2002. It takes full responsibilities for implementation and administration of international students and international educational cooperation programs at WHUT. Located at the Mafangshan Campus of Wuhan University of Technology, the School attracts thousands of students at home and abroad with its pleasant environment and advanced teaching facilities.

The international students graduated from the School also have become the professionals in their own countries and made great contribution to the international cooperation and exchange.


Wuhan University of Technology (WHUT) is located in Wuhan, the largest city in Central China and a famous Chinese “River City”. The university has three main campuses, namely, the Mafangshan Campus, the Yujiatou Campus and the South Lake new Campus, with a total occupying land area of 267 hectares.

About Wuhan

Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province is separated into three towns of Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang, which are closely connected by a dozen of bridges over the Yangtze River and its longest branch Hanjiang River.

As a famous City of Rivers and Lakes, Wuhan functions as the largest and most important hubs of water and rail transportation and communications on the middle reaches of the longest in China but third longest in the world running from the west to east, and a major stop of the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway connecting the north with the south. Today, Wuhan plays an even increasingly important role in the political, economic, cultural and educational development in central China.

Wuhan has an old history and rich traditions of Chinese culture for about two thousand years. With more than 20 regular international flights Wuhan is conveniently reached from all directions and receives more and more friends from all over the small world. Lots of famous scenic spots such as the Yellow Crane Tower, East Lake and Wudang Mountain make their stay in Wuhan and Hubei quite comfortable and enjoyable.

Scholarships Available

  • Chinese Government Scholarship
  • University Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Sino-American Cultural Exchange Scholarship
  • Distinguished International Students Scholarship
  • WHUT Sponsored Friendship Scholarship
  • WHUT Annual Awards for Outstanding International Students

Life on Campus

The commercial network on campus could provide you with daily necessities. Moreover Zhongbai Supermarket and Asian Plaza Department Store are close to the Mafangshan Campus, and Shopping Mall, Xudong Supermarket and Metro Supermarket are near the Yujiaotou Campus. There are several public buses for you to get there.

“Campus Card” can give you a convenient payment for meal at every canteen, shops and hospitals on both campuses. You have to pay RMB20 Yuan as the pledge of a campus card, and then deposit as much money as you like whenever you want.

WHUT has many student activities in technology, arts and sports.

Each school of WHUT has its own special festival, which has attracted more and more attention from other universities in China and contributed a lot to the development of its unique culture as well as the enrichment and diversity of students’s campus life.

List of Programs for International Students

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