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Xiamen city is a beautiful city located in Fujian province. It is a major port and a popular tourist destination in China. Two of its most notable tourist spots include Gulangyu island and Tulou, both listed as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites. Some of its other scenic spots include the Zhongshan Road, Hulishan Fortress and Xiamen University.

The city was founded 2,000 years ago was one of the most important shopping centers of the country. Xiamen has a rich history and culture with imperial Ming and Qing dynasties, pirates, and religious from Portugal, the Netherlands, and Britain.

Being the heartland of Xiamen’s commercial area, Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street is a beautiful and prosperous commercial corridor where you can find the serried ranks rows of stores with a dense crowd.

In ancient times, Xiamen was a major exporter of silk, which was a highly valued product by foreign traders. With its strategic location and its large silk industry, Xiamen became a popular city most especially for Europeans. Xiamen was called “Amoy” by the vast European and American population in the city. Amoy came from the dialect that the majority of residents in Xiamen used. Today, Hokkien is a Chinese dialect spoken by many locals, but Mandarin is used commonly in business and schools.

From an open trade port, Xiamen became one of China’s Special Economic Zones. It enjoys a pleasant climate all year round with a magnificent natural environment with flowers blooming all year. Xiamen is also one of the cleanest cities in China. It is called “the Egret Island” for its habitat of white egrets and “Garden on the Sea” because of its beautiful coastal waters.

Yundang Lake is an oasis of calm and beauty, a natural haven amid the skyscrapers. It is also home to the white egret – a symbol of the city.

Today, it has a population of 4.5 million, less populated than many cities in China. It is one of China’s hippest cities with numerous boutique hotels and cafes along its seaside promenades. Xiamen also has a thriving independent fashion scene representative

Xiamen is emerging as one of southern China’s most hip cities, with cycling paths, boutique hotels and cafés along its seaside promenades and narrow alleyways. The city has recently become home to China’s independent fashion scene with popular brands such as Sankuanz, Ms Min, Vega Zaishi Wang and many others.

Two of Xiamen’s most popular universities include Xiamen and Jimei University. It is popular among young generations and international students. Xiamen University in particular, has a picturesque campus located between the sea and the “Five Old Men” mountains. Its campus is one of the most breathtaking in China.

Xiamen University campus

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